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Would an Employee Wellness Program Improve Absence Rates?

Published: July 19, 2017

There are so many ways out there that support employee wellness programs and benefit both the employees’ performance and the employers. Smaller businesses that have fewer employees and multitasking working environments suffer more from absenteeism than large organizations.

Absenteeism may not necessarily be in the form of many employees to cause an operational impact for a business; the absence of even a single important employee can create a lot of havoc especially in small business settings.

In order to successfully deal with absenteeism in the workplace, managers and employers must take adequate measures and look into the matter thoroughly. Addressing the reasons for absenteeism is crucial for all the entrepreneurs before establishing the ways to get rid of absenteeism.

So how does an employee wellness program improve the absence rate in an organization?

Apart from making some stern policies with regards to employee absenteeism, using different aspects of employee wellness programs is generally the most effective approach to control the problem. Many large organizations nowadays are making use of these employee wellness programs to create awareness among the employees and in order to help them in increasing their productivity.

Well-Designed Employee Wellness Program to Improve Absence Rate

Following large organizations, many small business setups are also using wellness programs to minimize the tardiness, absenteeism and lower productivity. A well-designed employee wellness program provides a reasonable opportunity for health improvement and the prevention of diseases for the employees.

An employee wellness program must not be overly burdensome or discriminatory. Moreover, wellness programs which collect information about employees’ health must also inform the employees their results, ways to follow up, or appropriate advice that would improve their health.

In addition, employee wellness programs make the most of the collected employees’ health data in order to design a specific program that would address a subset of identified health conditions.

Increased Attendance and Improved Productivity

Employee wellness programs decrease the reasons of absenteeism and ultimately increase attendance. As per the estimation of The Wellness Council of America, almost 100 million working days are lost just because of lower back problems of workers each year.

Through the effective use of employee wellness program, many organizations have reduced their sick leaves policy. Therefore, a wellness program must educate the employees about treating their symptoms, taking preventive measures and following an appropriate health plan that helps in improving the overall workplace absence rate.

Nevertheless, employees who come to the office to perform the responsibilities during sick days cannot deliver the expected performance. The productivity of a business may only be increased when you maintain a healthy working environment and, for that, a well-designed employee wellness program holds substantial importance for an organization.

Final Words

The implementation of the employee wellness program to improve absence rates has already been proven so make the most of it. While different wellness programs differ in the activities and services they offer, many large organizations use the incentive to motivate employees to participate. After all, it is one of the most effective tools to improve business productivity by ensuring the presence of employees at all times.

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