Time & Attendance Software and Hardware

for any Industry with 100 - 10 000 employees

time clock software
  • Time and Attendance Tracking
  • Absence and Leave Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Job Costing and Time Allocation System
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • HR Management Software

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Automatic Attendance & FMLA Tracking

time clock mobile app
  • Track PTO, Sick days and Vacations easily
  • Receive Overtime Alerts
  • Run Automated Reports instantly
  • Track Remote Workers at Different Locations
  • Keep all Data in one central database
  • Use Biometric, Swipe Cards and Web Based Time Clocks

Complex Scheduling and Union Rules

  • Schedule staff to fixed or flexible shifts
  • Manage contracted hours and skills
  • Forecast the number of customers and available staff
  • Receive real-time alerts of staffing anomalies
  • Group employees under various shift types
  • Keep HR management, recruitment, training details in one place
time tracking reports

Clock In/Clock Out Options to Fit your Business

biometric time clock
  • Biometric Time Clock and/or Swipe Card
  • Desktop Fingerprint Reader
  • Web Based Clocking
  • Land-line Clocking
  • Mobile Clocking
  • Text Alert Clocking

Feed Data into your Payroll

  • Integrates with your existing Payroll system
  • All-in-One Workforce Management system
  • Labor Law policies and regulations covered
  • Smooth and Accurate Payroll process
attendance software integrates with major payroll

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Suitable for 100 to 10,000+ employees