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Women in HR Technology

Published: October 9, 2017

Whether it’s about eradicating typical performance reviews, enhancing employee management or bringing more women into leading positions of the management, females are already making a huge difference in HR technology.

From the strategic business moves of HR to the technological aspects of resource management, women have made their presence felt. They have already risen above the stereotyped male-dominated perception in technology and HR – rebranding HR technology as the perfect option for females.

According to various labor statistics data reports; the number of women leading in HR and technological roles is increasing more in recent times.

There is a huge misconception that these numbers are dwindling when we go up in the hierarchy ladder, typically in HR technology, but women hold a significant edge in comparison to male counterparts indeed.

The need for more women in management roles

Needing more women to take up the leadership roles is a theme that is gaining hype in the HR technology industry in particular. Efforts are being made to encourage more women to aspire to lead. In recent times, women are dominating the job market with more intellect and by leveraging on technology to prevail– improving the business standing.

The tactical moves taken by women in HR technology

The initiatives being taken by many women in such managerial positions are serving exceptionally well, especially for companies which lack the adoption of smart strategic moves. The responsibility span of today’s women in HR technology covers all the business strategic aspects including human capital management, customer engagement, and product update planning.

They are successfully developing processes and ensuring implementation. That is to avail consistency in the overall organization design, talent development, and staffing strategies across the company. And all of this is being done by investing in the effective resource management software such as that offered by Mitrefinch.

This shows that women are taking up all the strategic aspects of technology and HR to deliver what remains unexpected from a business woman. While many women previously used to take up HR roles to satisfy their empathy, that does not count anymore. The HR technology is about combining technical knowledge with empathy and business savviness.

At the intersection of technology and HR, the role of women is indispensable. Their passion has set the right path for businesses to manifest continuous innovation and business alignment, with the modern advancements of HR technology.

Women in HR technology set the standard for the business

This is because HR technology sits at the crossroad of management of human capital and technology. Some ways to foster the new theme of women in HR technology and to break the gender barriers is to;

  • Foster better and open communication in the workplace culture
  • Let women own the personal style that would also match with business values
  • Bring more work flexibility to ensure women taking up leadership roles

Above all, women in HR technology are being less fearful, more comfortable in taking the risk, and being flexible in transforming the opportunities into overall business success.

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