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Trust in the Workplace

Published: July 19, 2016

A survey conducted by the American Payroll Association revealed that eighty-eight percent of employees were confident in how their company protects their personal information from identity theft.  The overwhelming confidence in most respondents in regards to their employer’s ability to protect sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, and wages and salary information is positive.

How can we ensure this confidence continues?

By having all your critical employee information in one place and limiting the access to it for key personnel eliminates risk.  Keep software, firewalls, virus protecting systems and operating systems up to date.

For all the employees that can access this information, there should be an acceptable use policy in place that outlines the ways corporate and employee information can be shared. Procedures of how to deal with violations is also key to ensure they don’t happen, and if they do, the hard consequences of what will happen. Consistently enforcing the policies set in place and revising existing policies to ensure any changes are regularly addressed and enforced is key.

Another factor in keeping your employees safe is educating employees about the necessary steps to protect their identities in their personal life as well. This can help prevent any mistakes in workplace procedures before they happen. Train your employees regarding cybersecurity risks. Include training on how company communications happen to ensure they have appropriate content and a professional tone in their emails at all times.

If you have any best practices to share on how you keep employee information safe, please let us know!

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