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Tips to Minimize Workplace Negativity

Published: April 21, 2017

Of all the factors that tend to impose a negative impact on your organization’s performance, workplace negativity casts the most insidious impact. It drains energy and motivation out of your workforce and decelerates the course of growth and progress. Additionally, it minimizes employee efficiency and increases the burden of resource wastage and liabilities.

Here are some smart tips to counter workplace negativity and foster a positive and progressive culture at the workplace.

Organize Regular Meetings

Regular morning meetings provide a good opportunity to gather your team in the early morning hours and communicate and collaborate with them on the day’s tasks and chores.

Daily morning talks can be used as an effective platform to engage your team in active communications to identify and resolve issues related to a particular task or operation. This will foster teamwork and increase the morale and motivation of your employee. However, the manager, supervisor or the focal person must ensure that the everyday meetings are held on a fixed time and is governed by a specific agenda.

Automate Your Work Operations

Work stress is the prime catalyst that triggers burnout and negativity among your workforce. A majority of work stress stems from the inefficient execution of tasks, or redundancy or a work overload on your employees, and eventually translates into negativity. Often this negativity is welled up inside your workforce and brings about a decline in performance and productivity.

A smart approach to improve productivity and reduce the redundant and dispensable workload off your employees is to automate your routine functions. Smart tools such as a workforce management system can efficiently automate and integrate a host of regular operations such as time and attendance recording, wage and hour calculation, overtime estimation and payroll generation.

Foster Communications

Organizations that only tend to focus on work and pay little to no heed to the ideas, opinions and feedback of your employees are likely to breed negativity, stress, and burnout. Fostering a system of effective and smooth two-way communication is a smart way to engage your workforce and encourage them to share their ideas, grievances, as well as opinions.

A smooth and efficient system of communication will assure your employees that they are valued. This sense of value and belonging will eventually minimize negativity at the workplace.

Transform Obstacles into Opportunities

Identify the factors that are fueling negativity among your employees and making a major hindrance in fostering a positive, progressive and thriving culture at the workplace. For instance, if your employees have some reservations on a newly imposed organizational policy, you may seek an opinion from your employees if they have an alternate solution in mind.

The barriers to agreement and consensus can only be eliminated if you seek to overcome the issues and differences prevailing within the organization.

Create a System of Recognition and Rewards

Paying due recognition to notable achievements and offering incentives on profitable feats is a great way to make your employees feel valued. An efficient system of rewards and recognition is an attribute of progressive organizations. It eliminates workplace negativity, motivates your employees and compels them to contribute their best efforts to accomplish the organization’s goals and vision.

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