1. Select Time and Attendance Tracking Options

Time Attendance Software
  • Biometric Time Clock

  • Web Based Clocking

  • Desktop Reader

  • Land Line Clocking

  • Text/Alert Clocking

  • Mobile Clocking

2. Simplify Absence and Leave Management

  • Track PTO, Sick days and Vacations easily
  • Receive Overtime Alerts
  • Monitor Absence requests
  • Run Automated Reports instantly
  • Keep all data in one central database
  • Eliminate Manual Time Tracking
  • Track Remote Workers at Different Locations
  • Go Paperless!

3. Create Work Schedules for your Employees

  • Schedule staff to fixed or flexible shifts
  • Manage contracted hours and skills
  • Forecast the number of customers and available staff
  • Keep HR management, recruitment, training details in one place

I can recommend Mitrefinch Employee Time Clock  as it operates efficiently in a rather challenging environment where other systems have failed. The Mitrefinch support team continues to exceed expectations. They are always there to help. ”

Chris Kurtz, Business Analyst
CK Greenhouses Inc.

“The Mitrefinch Time & Attendance system has been instrumental for our business success. The system has significantly reduced payroll administration time and increased operational efficiency”

John Li, Chief Information Officer
International Gemological Institute

“My company has been with Mitrefinch for 14 years. The system is easy to use and is custom built for us – when we have a question or need a report developed the process is fast and simple. Payroll reports are easily exported each week. Errors are reduced and time is saved – win win for all!”

Katie Sens, Director of Human Resources

4. Integrate with your Payroll

  • Easily integrates with your existing Payroll, HR and ERP systems
  • One unified Workforce Management solution
  • All policies and regulations covered
  • Accurate and Time Saving Payroll process
attendance software integrates with major payroll

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