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Smart Hacks to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Published: March 24, 2017

Whether you are an employer, a manager or an employee, you might often find yourself struggling to make sense of your time and the work that you are supposed to day within the limited time frame of the day. At the workplace, it is not just about getting the tasks done anyway. Rather, it is all about doping it within time and with perfect efficiency, while consistently seeking improvement, in terms of efficiency, and productivity. Here are some useful tips to streamline your work and make sure that you make the most of your work hours each day. Read on.

Get Rid of the Clutter

A cluttered workstation creates hassle and nuisance and also affects the smooth flow of work. It is important to manage the clutter sprawled at your desk, shelves and cabinets. Organize your files, stationery, and maintain a handy list for the things-to-do for the day. This way, you will be able to prioritize your tasks and have a better idea about how you will manage them throughout the day.

Aside from the physical clutter, you also have to manage the ‘soft’ clutter present in your computer systems. Create categorized folders to store relevant files and discard the redundant and expired information.

Break the Bigger Task

If you have a big task ahead of you, do not procrastinate it anymore. Take a good look at it, observe the various aspects involves and break it down into smaller tasks. These small chunks of work will be your little milestones, and getting them done in a procedural way will make it much convenient for you to close the entire project in due time with utmost efficiency.

Don’t Invest in Makeshift Arrangements

Making temporary recruitment for permanent roles, not fixing the damages and malfunctioning equipment and devices and running the essential and regular tasks on ad hoc basis will eventually turn out to be a waste of time, efforts, and resources. Make it a point to conduct a periodic vigilance at the workplace, to analyze the needs and identify the areas that need to be fixed or repaired.


You are not smart if you take the entire workload on your head and try to do everything on your own just because you think that someone else will mess it up. Especially if you are serving in a leadership position or serving in a teamwork capacity, it is essential for you to delegate tasks to the most suitable candidates. This will make things convenient at your end and ensure that all tasks are performed and completed in tandem with commitment, responsibility, and diligence.

Integrate and Automate

Certain managerial functions such as time and attendance recording, work hour recording, shift planning, roster management, over times, and leaves can be integrated and automated through a workforce management system.

The automation of these essential managerial roles will enhance the accuracy of data, increase employee efficiency and will make it convenient for you to quantify work, and keep a real-time track of the performance and efficiency. In addition to that, it will also reduce and minimize the redundant expenditures and slam-dunk costs, by eliminating unnecessary roles and tasks.

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