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National Payroll Week 2017

Published: August 30, 2017

The well-known event, happening Sept 3rd- 7th 2017 which takes place every year in America, is an event full of excitement for the thousands of payroll professionals across the United States and Canada. The event is held during the Labor Day week, hosted by the APA – American Payroll Association in the US, the CIPP – Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals in the UK and CPA – Canadian Payroll Association in Canada.

“Getting Paid in America”

The campaign is also famous for its popular and highly visible online survey – Getting Paid in America. The survey is actually available from May until the end of this year. Once you complete the survey, one participant is then chosen and gets a chance to win a grand prize that may be a trip to Las Vegas or a free paycheck.

As the final results of the survey are quoted in various locations including the New York Times and USA Today, the survey is designed to basically assist the ASA in evaluating the methods of current payroll processing, and also in order to identify the growing trends in the payroll industry.

Awareness of the Event
‘America works because we are working for America’ – NPW slogan, is a notion of the importance of the withholding system of payroll in America. The payroll professionals, through payroll withholding system, collect, contribute, deposit and report $2.2 trillion in payrolls approximately.

To build the awareness of the crucial role, which the payroll professionals play in the American economy, the APA makes use of various methods including extensive advertising campaigns and media coverage. The advertising campaign – annual, helps in promoting NPW through websites, TV stations and in leading publications, during the National Payroll Week.

Reasons to attend the National Payroll Week

There are many benefits that you can avail by attending the event this year. These benefits may include;

  • Joining hands with many fellow payroll peers and to teach teens the important basics of paychecks and money matters.
  • Getting a chance to team up with the sponsors of the event – something you won’t regret – Get advice and assist yourself in creating mutually beneficial partnerships with all the businesses that consider payroll as important as you do.
  • Reaching out to the local government and receiving as many proclamations as you can get, recognizing 3rd Sept – 7th Sept as the National Payroll Week.
  • Availing the opportunities offered by the American Payroll Association, for people, to win huge prizes by celebrating NPW. To enter the one that is perfect for you, learn more about the different offered contest categories at the official page of National Payroll Week.
  • Exploring different opportunities for your company or employer which may be gained as a NPW supporter. While the rewards are big, it is absolutely free for your employer or company to become our supporter.
The NPW campaign this year is full of excitement and fun and is a great way to get involved and help in spreading the NPW message!

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