Plymouth-based Vispring is one of the country’s leading manufacturer of luxury beds and has workforce of nearly 200 employees.

  • Managers now in control of future shifts
  • Absence tracking inbuilt into user-friendly solution
  • Integrates with a range of software, including payroll and HR systems

VI-sprint case study

Vispring’s uncomfortable problems

Vispring were looking for a new way to track employee movements and produce data for monthly payroll. Although the company had an existing system in place, it was not meeting expectations and it was felt a more professional solution was needed to improve support for Vispring’s workforce.

Working with Mitrefinch

Mitrefinch suggested its TMS Time and Attendance system would be a good fit for the company.
The solution allows managers to take charge of upcoming shifts, rotas and holidays, as well as allowing for monitoring absences. Staff have access to a comprehensive range of reports which can be exported to a whole host of software to be used in producing payroll or HR management.

In particular, Vispring have been impressed by the inbuilt Bradford Factor report. This well-known concept assigns scores to absences based on their impact on the company. In many cases, longer planned absences can be managed, whereas larger numbers of short and unplanned time off can have a more significant impact on productivity.

Lesley from Vispring explained: “Since installing Mitrefinch TMS, we have found an improvement in data capture and accessibility. The information is there in real time, and allows us to monitor compliance with major legislation. Staff have taken extremely well to the system.

“We did have an absence problem before TMS was installed. TMS has improved records and the visibility of leave, and other forms of absence. After installing TMS, and over a period of time, we have seen an improvement in levels of absenteeism. As well as TMS, we also use return to work interviews and refer to Bradford Factor points as part of an integrated, strategic approach to controlling absence levels at Vispring.”

Ongoing benefits

The company has also seen how Mitrefinch’s solutions can work well with payroll. Since integrating TMS with their payroll software, it has streamlined the process considerably, as well as making it more accurate – bringing benefits for management and workers.

“We chose Mitrefinch TMS because our previous system was not performing according to our expectations. When looking for alternatives, we decided that Mitrefinch TMS was head and shoulders above the other systems available to us.”