Global brand Nestle has benefited from two key Mitrefinch solutions designed to track employees and control access to their premises.

Nestle opt for two Mitrefinch products

  • Allows tracking of large workforce via Time and Attendance
  • Access Control allows leading brand to control access to premises
  • Multi solutions working together can lead to numerous benefits

Need for effective tracking solution

Nestle has been a leading employer in the UK since the 1860s and now has around 6,500 staff members in the country.

Keeping track of such a sizeable workforce can be challenging and often means absenteeism and low productivity may go unnoticed. However, Nestle’s decision to approach Mitrefinch means the company is now enjoying a more efficient and reliable employee tracking system.

Time and Attendance makes it straightforward for employees across multi-sites to sign in and out of work. Line managers are also able to access the attendance software via their PC, tablet or smartphone, so they can easily view data on the move, as well as being able to quickly approve or reject holiday requests.

Creating a secure environment

Nestle also worked with Mitrefinch to help improve the security of more than 20 different sites. Using the Access Control system, it is now possible to produce an audit trail of employee movements on site, as well as monitor and control access to areas across multi-premises.