When you’re a respected medical facility, how do you make sure you consistently meet and exceed the expectations of your patients? If you’re a medical provider like Manchester Community Health, you partner with an organization that provides a workforce management solution that’s as dedicated to quality as you are.

Manchester Community Health has been committed to serving the healthcare needs of the underserved since 1993. When your mission is to provide quality healthcare to those who can’t afford it, keeping their costs in check is key. When medical facilities like Manchester Community Health look for a workforce management system that helps them cut down on unnecessary costs associated with overpayments and payroll errors, they find Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software. Advance Systems automates the payroll system, completely eliminating errors and giving administration more time to spend on developing quality patient services.

Because patient care is what it’s all about.Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software gives medical facilities the peace of mind of knowing that shifts are always covered, and that the right medical staff is deployed at the right time. The software is able to analyze labor needs based on past data, ensure that shifts are never understaffed, and use the Skills Matrix to make sure the right skills are represented at every shift. The result? Consistent staff-to-patient ratios mean improved patient care, every time.

Medical facilities also know that patient care relies upon a skilled, experienced, and caring staff. Mitrefinch full suite of HR tools enables organizations to manage the entire hiring process, from tracking job openings to finding the perfect candidates, so they can attract and retain the best employees in the healthcare sector.