Started in 1919 in Paris L’Oreal is now the biggest cosmetic brand in the world. With over 500 brands and thousands of products manufactured and sold across the world, it truly is a global operation.

Mitrefinch provides Time and Attendance and Access Control to L’Oreal allowing them to effectively manage their staff and control access to their premises and areas within the business with our access control system.

With our Time and Attendance system, L’Oreal reduce absenteeism, improve punctuality, quickly approve leave, and create holiday rules for critical parts of their business. That is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what our System can do, click here to find out more.

With our Access Control L’Oreal trust our heritage and experience. With over 450 sites with our access control system analysing millions of entrances and exits per day they are safe in the knowledge that the Mitrefinch access control is the gold standard that so many companies use. Making sure employees have access to the correct parts of a building is of paramount importance as is security of the premises in general.