When retail establishments like Delaware Camera & Video in Buffalo, New York, are looking to more efficiently manage the time and attendance of their employees, they turn to workforce management solutions.

Delaware Camera & Video is a specialty camera store that provides new and used camera sales, studio equipment and photo accessory sales, one-hour film processing, black-and-white film processing, scanning services, and photography sales. When specialty retailers want to focus more on meeting the needs of their unique customers and less on administrative duties, Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software can help.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software manually tracks the time and attendance of retail employees and imports it directly to payroll, saving hours each week. Going from a manual to an automated system eliminates costly payroll errors, which is important to any small business.

When retailers provide products and services that require unique expertise, such as developing film, it’s important that shifts are always staffed with skilled employees. Advance Systems’ scheduling functions make it easy to keep promises and to ensure that customer service is always up to par.

The Advance Systems scheduling function not only reduces the administrative burden, it also empowers employees to manage their own schedules. Unplanned absences can be noted, and planned absences can be requested, directly through the system. If understaffing is a potential issue on any shift, the software helps fix the situation with minimal hassle.

Thanks to Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software, retailers like Delaware Camera & Video can put the focus on giving their customers picture-perfect service. And that gives them plenty of reason to smile.