Country-Wide Insurance Company prides itself on providing low rates and personal service to their clients, delivered by brokers who live right in their customers’ neighborhoods. What do companies like Country-Wide do when a manual time and attendance system no longer complements their flexible work arrangements policies? They look to Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software.

Country-Wide Insurance is a 50-year-old company that provides all lines of property and casualty insurance. A network of more than 500 independent brokers provides the relationships that are a cornerstone to Country-Wide’s customer service, but also makes it challenging to track time and attendance in an error-free, timely way. Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software enables insurance companies to accurately track the time and attendance of their agents, while minimizing administrative hassles.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software allows workers to track hours worked at any time, from any location from a desktop computer, laptop, Smartphone, or other device.

Because data is immediately downloaded to the insurance company’s central database, management can track time and attendance in real time. The result? Insurance companies like Country-Wide are able to easily and efficiently manage their workforce, without sacrificing the family neighborhood feel. Employees consider flextime a big benefit, which makes it easier for insurance companies to attract and retain the best employees in the industry.

The insurance industry is known for frequently changing state, federal, and industry hour and wage regulations, and insurance companies like Country-Wide want to make sure they are always in compliance. Advance Systems makes it easy to ensure workers meet all rules and regulations, so they can minimize costly penalties, fees, and legal defense. Advance Systems gives insurance companies the peace of mind they want, so they can provide their clients with the peace of mind they need.