Concrete Sealants, Inc. is founded on the principle of serving others. Our founder, Bob Haman Sr., had a credo that he often repeated, “Who do we work for? The Customer!”. However, serving the customer is not where Bob’s service stopped. His service extended to his employees as well, fostering a safe workplace and creating an environment where management listens to the ideas of every employee.

In this regard, Mr. Haman was ahead of his time in establishing a lean manufacturing culture within his company by encouraging internal growth and continual improvement of our manufacturing process. Additionally, he mentored and groomed a staff that makes his credo their own. This investment in others is a perfect example of the service minded life Mr. Haman lived, and is a quality he passed on to his family – who still own and operate ConSeal to this day by following that same principle and living Bob’s credo: “Who do we work for? The Customer!”