When you’re a company like Choice Logistics, with a focus on time-critical delivery of service parts and products, how do you meet client needs while always staying within budget? Those in the logistics industry turn to workforce management solutions.

Choice Logistics was founded in 1964 as Choice Courier, delivering packages throughout New York City to accountants, lawyers, and other professional firms. As client and customer needs changed so too did Choice, moving into the delivery of service parts for technology products. When logistics companies look for a solution to streamline their time and attendance system, they find Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software.

When you’re responsible for guaranteed response times and time-critical delivery, managing employees is more important than ever. Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software enables those in the logistics industry to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the time and attendance of employees at multiple stocking locations. Advance Systems’ scheduling functions manage shifts throughout a 24-hour period, ensuring that the supply of labor always meets demand. Absence management features ensure that planned and unplanned absences never impact shifts. The result? Organizations are able to keep up with customer requests and always keep promises to deliver the right products on time.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software also enables companies like Choice Logistics to spend less time on administrative duties, and more time on building client relationships. The Employee Self Service option empowers employees to manage their own time. They can access the system to view past clockings, see remaining vacation and sick time, explain absences, and request planned time off right through the system.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software delivers a dependable workforce management solution, so those in the logistics industry can focus on dependable delivery.