For more than 50 years, Chemprene has been manufacturing precision molded parts with on-time delivery to some of the biggest names in the industry.

When you manufacture a variety of products, accurate forecasting is necessary to ensure smooth production that stays within budget. When Chemprene was looking for a way to better track employee time, they turned to Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software.

Chemprene, located in Beacon, NY, was founded more than 50 years ago to manufacture military coated fabric products. Later, Chemprene expanded the product line to include automotive and specialty diaphragm applications and conveyor belting. Today, all three product lines are manufactured in Chemprene’s 225,000-square-foot facility. Because employees often move between product lines and projects, Chemprene wanted to find a way to more accurately track their time and movement. Advance Systems provided the answer they were looking for.

Easy access to data that tracks down-to-the-minute time and movement of employees enables Chemprene to improve their forecasting and budgeting. Instead of guessing how many employees may be needed at a particular time of year or for a particular project, managers simply look at historical data. Reducing costly overstaffing helps Chemprene stay on budget, while minimizing understaffing means Chemprene can stick to its philosophy of continual improvement.

Mitrefinch’s attendance tracking features also help with shift planning. Managers simply access the data to note attendance issues and trends, enabling them to address issues, such as times of year that go hand-in-hand with increased absences, and plan accordingly. Vacation tracking functions mean that employee vacation time is automatically uploaded directly into payroll, ensuring it is on target and accurate.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software helps Chemprene accurately and efficiently manage their workforce, so they can focus on providing customers with dependable, high-quality, and innovative products — on time and on budget.