Armenian Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has earned its reputation for skilled, caring, short-term and long-term rehabilitative care but in an industry where patient experience is highly dependent upon staff, it’s a challenge to provide excellent care while remaining within budget. To help them meet their goals, many in the healthcare industry turn to workforce management software.

Armenian Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is an independent, 83-bed, non-profit skilled nursing facility that has provided care to men and women of all ethnicities for 50 years. Finding a consistent staff-to-patient ratio is important to rehabilitation facilities, and Mitrefinch Systems Time and Attendance Software can help.

Organizations like Armenian know that staff-to-patient ratio is key. When shifts are understaffed, patient care can suffer. When shifts are overstaffed, labor costs may exceed budget. Mitrefinch Systems Time and Attendance Software helps facilities find the perfect balance so patients receive the best care every time.

Absence management functions mean that rehabilitation facilities can respond quickly to planned and unplanned absences, ensuring shifts are always covered by properly skilled staff. The system also allows employees to view and manage their own absences, reducing the amount of administrative time spent on this task.

Rehabilitation facilities employ a variety of professional, union, and unskilled employees, each group susceptible to different state, federal, and legal compliance regulations. Management can find it challenging to keep track of complex, constantly changing wage and hour regulations, which make them susceptible to costly fines, penalties, and legal defense. Mitrefinch Systems Time and Attendance can be configured to adhere to complex wage and hour laws specific to the healthcare industry. Not only does this reduce compliance risks, it also reduces the amount of time and money administration spends on time and attendance. Healthcare facilities can spend more time on what really matters — providing superior care to patients.