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Whatever your requirements are, we’ve got them covered, with the support and expertise to back it up.  With over 40 years’ experience in providing leading HR, Payroll, and Time & Attendance Solutions, you can be sure your business has solutions built around your specific needs.

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Are you being forced to look for a new HCM provider?  

The challenges of 2022 are not the challenges of 2021. Changing employee expectations, The Great Resignation and security breaches are forcing HCM teams who have been caught out to change HCM suppliers and look for new Payroll and Time and Attendance Solutions. That’s where we can help. The service and experience our customers receive is just as important as the capability and depth of functionality in our products. Are you looking for a new supplier to support you and ensure you pay your people for their worked hours on time and accurately?

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Track and manage employee hours in real-time and improve payroll accuracy

Gain greater workforce insights with centralized employee data and shift clockings

Eliminate manual absence tracking and ensure your business stays compliant

Enable your mobile workforce to clock in and out anywhere seamlessly

Empower your employees to manage their attendance history and leave

Create complex shift schedules easily by pay rates, availability or skillsets.

Looking for a new Payroll or Time and Attendance provider for 2022?

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got them covered, with the support and expertise to boot. With over 40 years’ experience in providing top-class Payroll, Time and Attendance and HR solutions, you can be sure your business has solutions built around your needs. Explore our solutions that help you with your legal obligation to accurately track hours worked and get the payroll run right.

Key Features

Mitrefinch time and attendance software enables users to access the system using a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Information can then be reviewed by administrators in real-time.

Employee Self-Service functionality allows employees take charge of their own time and attendance. Employees can view entitlements, holiday time, request time off or shift swaps. Requests are emailed directly to managers who can quickly approve or deny requests saving time on scheduling meetings.

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