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Is Time and Attendance Automation a Greener Option?

Published: September 22, 2016

If you thought the only benefits that time and attendance software provided were reduced cost, maximized profits, enhanced time efficiency, security, and productivity, you are not far off. However, what you may not have thought of is that they are much more beneficial to you and your business on a whole new level. They are instrumental in decreasing the carbon footprint at the workplace. When the environment is increasingly becoming worse as the days go by, several organizations are taking greener initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and to adopt eco-friendly habits that can benefit not just them, but also the environment. This greener initiate by many companies have made them popular among their clients and customers.

Time and attendance software are instrumental in creating a paperless, efficient, and remote staff management option for recording and tracking working hours that can help your company decrease the carbon footprint. Going green can have a great impact on your standing as an organization. Your role in the preservation of the environment and the planet is the best way to reduce paper waste and to help your employees become the advocates of environment-friendly practices at the workplace.

One of the most obvious benefits of adopting a time and attendance software is that it’s a paperless approach. If you don’t even think about the lack of paper waste and the cost that are required to supply endless amount of paper and stationary to upkeep the manual attendance system, you will be impressed by the lack of paper wastage. It will propel your company into a next-generation age, where it will be able to graduate out of the endless flux of creating and getting rid of paper waste, which is produced after time cards and time sheets are discarded every week or month.

Moreover, printed reports, documentation and shift rosters that require manual entries by the employees all increase the amount of paper used by your company every month.

Here are some of the ways you can further reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

  • Install recycling bins to help employees take initiative themselves.
  • Start using laptops instead of desktops for energy conservation
  • Power off the electronic devices after the end of a working day or at least at night
  • Start stressing the importance of alternative transportation options such as cycling, carpooling and using public transport to save fuel
  • Emphasize on the importance of saving paper by telling the employees to think before they print
  • Introduce flexible working hours to your employees to help them use the daylight hours productively or to help them avoid rush hour traffic.

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of your company, a time and attendance software can also help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce errors and manual mistakes
  • Reduce the workload and the burden on one department or person
  • Enhance employee satisfaction
  • Increase reliability and accuracy
  • Decrease stress and workplace related injuries
  • Eliminate buddy punching, tardiness, overpayment, time abuse, and absenteeism
  • Develop a stronger, better company culture
  • Develop a better life-work balance
  • Develop easier compliance and scheduling

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