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HR Management – Integrating Processes for Efficient Time Management

Published: April 10, 2017

The HR department is one of the prime pillars of an organization. It serves as an intermediary link between employees and is required to perform a host of responsibilities on a regular basis. Since a variety of these roles and responsibilities are time consuming, a better and smart option is to integrate and automate them through a workforce management system.

How a Workforce Management System Can Help Save Time

A workforce management system is the ultimate and the smartest solution to integrate a multitude of routine tasks and processes of HR. First and foremost, it removes the hassle and inconvenience of manual processing, by automating a multitude of tasks.

The automation of these essential HR tasks makes it convenient to integrate them all together. This integration of HR tasks not just saves a lot of time on part of the HR team, but also allows them to accumulate their benefits and maximize their individual and specific advantages. The workforce management system can efficiently automate and integrate the following essential HR tasks and routine operations.

Time and Attendance Recording

Time and Attendance recording is an essential task that is to be performed on a regular basis. The manual handling of this essential task eats a considerable chunk of time on a regular basis, and also involves a high probability of errors and alterations in the recorded entries.

Automating and integrating the routine time and attendance function will not only save you a lot of time, it will also enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the entries. By integrating the time and attendance function into the automated workforce management system, the HR team can conveniently use their time for more productive means, as in devising training policies and focusing on employee engagement and development.

Payroll Calculation

The last week of each month is the time when most organizations process their payrolls. Since payroll calculation on manual basis involves a long and strenuous series of steps, the last days of the month are synonymous with the hassle and an additional workload, particularly for the payroll teams.

A workforce management system can efficiently automate your payroll process and enhance its accuracy and efficiency. Also, since it barely requires any manual intervention, it nullifies the probability of any error, pertaining to wage and hour calculation.

Shift Management

Shift management, work and task scheduling and roster management is a routine task on part of the managers. This takes up a lot of time in the early and closing hours of the day. A workforce management system can conveniently automate the process of work and task allocation and shift management.

Aside from that, it also generates real-time notifications on the status and progress of each task and keeps the management as well as the HR teams updated and informed.

Feedback and Response Mechanism

The HR teams act as a liaison between the workforce and the employees. They are required to keep themselves on top of the management game by interacting and collaborating with all operational teams. This requires instant and real-time communications between teams, which is mostly carried out throughout through emails.

A workforce management system automates the system of communication and makes it more it more instant and effective through instant alerts. This way it saves a lot of time for employees, managers and HR teams that can be consumed in more productive means.

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