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How to Manage Employee Time Tracking in Staffing Agencies

Published: March 13, 2017

The present age is the era of Web 2.0. Technology has spread by leaps and bounds and has successfully permeated and taken over our personal and professional lives. While the idea of remote working and mobile workforce was once considered as impossible to implement, today organizations are generously allowing their workforce the convenience of work from home.

Similarly, as the business are seeking expansion, new jobs and tasks are being made a part of the circuitry of operational processes. To compensate for the growing need for technical and skilled employees in special and limited-time roles, many organizations are looking for ad hoc employees. The temporary recruitments are generally made through recruitment and staffing agencies.

The Need for Time Tracking

The recruitment and staffing agencies seek the most competent workforce from remote locations and employ them in special capacities in various partner organizations. Since these staffing agencies actually play the role of an intermediary, it is an essential responsibility on their part to ensure that the employees working from remote locations and deployed at various roles in different organizations are efficiently performing their job as per their job design and the service contract.

Furthermore, it is also essential for staffing agencies to maintain an accurate record of the work hours, attendance, and overtimes of the contractual employees, to be able to generate accurate and error-free payrolls at the end of the month. This is primarily done through punch card and paper time sheets that involve a lot of room for human errors, buddy punching, and time thefts and frauds through poor and forged recordings. These errors and forgeries lead to inaccurate and erroneous payrolls.

Since the contractual and temporary employees too fall under the government’s regulatory umbrella and have their due rules and rights pertaining to their work, wage and overtimes, any discrepancy in their payrolls often goes against the interest of the employees and might bring a lawsuit or penalty. Here are some smart strategies for staffing agencies to effectively manage their employees’ attendance and time tracking functions.

Train Your Employees

Make it a point to train the newly employed and allocated employees on the significance of accurate time records. Educate them on the use of the time and attendance recording mechanism prevalent in your organization. Also, inform them about the organization’s policies. Standard operating procedures as well as the consequences of inaccurate or forged time and attendance entries.

Eliminate Paper Work

Paper time sheets are the prime reason behind a number of payroll errors and mistakes. In the digital era, where organizations are efficiently moving over to cloud, paper time sheets have become a lousy and inadequate method of time and attendance recording. Especially since a significant strength of your contractual employees might telecommute, paper time sheets will not be effective at all to track their time and attendance.


A simple solution to optimize the efficacy and accuracy of your time tracking functions is to automate the process through a smart and automated time and attendance system. A time and attendance system can efficiently manage the time tracking functions in staffing agencies, up to utmost accuracy, for on premise as well as remote employees.

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