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How to Engage Millennials in the Workplace

Published: May 5, 2017

The rise of the millennial generation is transforming the work dynamics, norms and culture of modern organizations. In order to foster a thriving millennial workforce and ensure optimal engagement at the workplace, organizations need to incorporate certain measures and strategies to attract top millennial talent and bring them into the pool of employees. Here are some strategies to engage and involve millennial’s it the workplace.

Get Them Involved in Community Campaigns

Millennials want to create a positive impact in the society and seek to contribute their efforts towards communal development and prosperity. To pursue this passion, they seek to work with the organizations that are involved in societal development projects.

A good way to involve millennials at the workplace is by actively delivering your corporate social responsibility and involving millennials in projects that are aimed at the welfare and benefit of the society.

Offer a Homely Work Environment

Millennial generation considers themselves as free souls and is strongly phobic towards a strict and formal workplace setting. Therefore, the best way for organizations to attract millennials into your workforce and retain their interest, motivation, and engagement is by offering them a less formal workplace culture.

Allow them to personalize their work spaces and offer them a free choice to work in a way that’s feasible for them, provided it doesn’t go against the ethics and culture of your organization.

Add a Dab of Variety to the Job

Redundant and monotonous job roles tend to affect the motivation and morale of the millennial generation. It revokes their interest and affects their performance. Millennials thrive in situations where there is a lot of room for creativity and where they feel empowered to exercise their full potential.

The job roles for millennials should be skillfully designed as such that it involves a variety of tasks and requires some specialized skills. Challenging job roles keep the millennials motivated and compel them to put in their best efforts. Also, make it a point to offer them a sense of career security by devising a proper career path.

Offer Customized Perks

When you are trying to engage millennials at your workplace, make sure that you review your system of recognition, rewards and employment perks that you offer to your employees. Millennials are driven by their personal choices and nothing excites them more than a reward or incentive of their personal interest.

Keep a timely track on their work and performance and provide constructive feedback. Millennials strive to set milestones and go the extra mile when they think they are valued. Make sure that you acknowledge their notable performances and reward them with intrinsic and extrinsic perks.

Foster Social Engagement

Millennials like to build interactions and have been observed to perform their best in teamwork settings. In order to foster collaboration and social interaction at the workplace, devise interactive learning and training programs that develop and refines their skills and allows them to form an interactive social community at the workplace. Taking measures to foster social engagement at workplace is a smart approach to foster a competitive, progressive and thriving culture at workplace.

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