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How To Boost Productivity In The Summer

Published: June 28, 2016

The warm weather, vacations, and early leavers are some of the culprits as to why productivity tends to dip in the summer months. Wanting our businesses to run more smoothly year round is key, but how can that be achieved? Increasing productivity is a sure fire way of making sure your business stays on top of its game, so it should be one of your number one priorities.

Not only is boosting productivity a money saver, it can also help to create more time for your workforce to do what it does best, instead of wasting energy on inefficient resources.

So how can you boost productivity in the workplace this summer?


Take a look at how workplace meetings occur in your organization. Research suggests choosing an odd time to start the meeting and sticking to it is helpful to make the most of meetings, as is keeping teams small also makes for a more productive meeting environment. You could even consider removing chairs so everyone stands up for meetings.

Goal Setting

Encourage personal goal setting and productive habits in individual employees. Zenhabits recommends personal tips like creating time pressure, mapping out work with schedules, setting specific work times each day dedicated to tasks, and working hard for set periods of time with plenty of short breaks to recover.


Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your staff members and then delegating tasks accordingly, can do wonders in helping your business to get off the ground. It means that you will have the best team members in the best position, helping you to maximize your workplace resources to the fullest.

Time allocation

Being able to accurately plan tasks and jobs in accordance with your budget is essential when it comes to boosting productivity. This is why firms invest in time allocation and job costing technology, which helps them to channel their resources to where it is needed the most. The software helps companies to accurately calculate production costs, prepare accurate quotations, and plan daily and weekly work schedules in advance.

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