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How Time and Attendance Software Aids the Transportation Industry

Published: August 11, 2017

With the rapid advancement in wireless and information communication technology, there is a wide range of uses of many real-time and effective tracking methods in the transportation industry. These tracking mechanisms are commonly designed to track the time and location of vehicles, and fleets as well as maintaining the availability of staff to ensure timely deliveries.

In the transportation industry, the pressure to reach on schedule is always high. Approximately 67% of the transformational workforce is responsible for making timely deliveries and boosting revenue. With the use of an effective time and attendance tracking software, businesses can closely keep track of, identify the abuse of timekeeping, and optimize scheduling before they suffer a loss.

Some common benefits of the time and attendance system for a transformed logistics and transport industry may include;

  • Logging of labor working hours
  • Scheduling of leave, absences and working hours
  • Overtime management
  • Analytical tracking of labor performance

Making the most of the time and attendance software

Previously, the transportation industry was making the use of old devices and techniques such as GPS, GIS, web-based tracking mechanisms, cell phone technology, in-vehicle devices and cameras, Bluetooth tracking mechanism, RIFD etc. While these tracking mechanisms have their specific benefits or uses, these tracking processes are extensive and are not as effective as time and attendance software.

However, there is a reason why many transportation companies now take a highly effective time and attendance system, just like the one offered by Mitrefinch, as their best bet. Let’s have a look at some individual features and excellent benefits that the transportation industry can avail by using these software.

Simplified scheduling

Time and attendance software is customizable to help you with adding, changing or removing the information with regards to work shifts, production cycles, holidays, working patterns and many others. With the use of such software, it is very convenient to create accurate work schedules in accordance with the requirements of clients related to timely support and distribution.

Ensure staff is present to prevent production loss

The use of time and attendance system also helps in quantitative information about the available workforce to ensure smooth flow of operations. It helps in tracking absenteeism and unavailability of the workforce and provides different time reports to present accurate stats. Many transportation and logistics companies use this software to address the problem areas and to create an efficient working schedule.

Easy and accurate reporting

With this software, you can get accurate and easily workable reports on every aspect of labor management. You may choose the frequency and time as per your preference and may use the automatic scheduling to generate email integrated reports. This helps in effective decision making too.

Transportation businesses and logistics have incorporated various time tracking systems into their businesses for a long time. However, the transportation industry is now, not only utilizing the effective software, but also using it in many creative ways. Moreover, they are also incorporating such software with added features and customized operations to improve business strategies and processes.

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