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How can an online attendance system manage productivity?

Published: August 22, 2017

As soon as our business grows and we start taking responsibility for a large number of employees, the complexity of maintaining and tracking their time/attendance increases dramatically. But advanced online attendance software take almost all the guesswork out of tracking the attendance of the staff.

Tracking attendance by the use of an online attendance system, can be incredibly time saving and accurate, and works as a stepping stone in increasing and managing productivity of the business. Productivity that is, in actual, being compromised due to manual, inaccurate, time consuming and traditional attendance systems in your organization.

Being more flexible, an online attendance system lets you track time and streamline the processes. In addition to these managerial benefits, there are some more benefits of adopting an online attendance system in terms of managing the productivity of your business, let’s have a look!

Real Time Tracking

An online attendance system provides an accurate and convenient way for time entry. With this, an employee can easily enter their arrival time, without delay. This will also help in reducing the number of requests that come in at the end of the month for time and attendance adjustments.

Keeping Track of an Employee’s Performance

What could be more productive for a business than keeping track of the performance of their employees? An online attendance system helps businesses (the human resource team in particular) in determining which employees leave early frequently, take the maximum number of leaves, or do not complete their working hours.

This, in turn, also helps in the accurate computation of their salary, leaving out any possibility for errors.

Enforcing Discipline

An organization with no or poor tracking of employees’ time suffers from productivity loss. Thus, the most apparent reason for businesses to adopt an online attendance system, is to implement a sense of punctuality and discipline among the employees. This will also help in implementing and taking disciplinary actions against employees in the presence of accurate statistics.

While coming to work daily is an indispensable aspect of a business’s code of conduct, if one employee is habitual of reporting late to work, other employees may too, start following the same practice and automated software can help you track and monitor this issue.

Additional Protection and Confidentiality

Often, organizations with conventional and inaccurate attendance systems leave gaps in their security for hackers and people having malicious intent, to exploit. While you may consider your traditional network based attendance system, safe and free from unauthorized modifications, it is openly accessible to anyone who has even the slightest of expertise in surpassing the internal network restrictions.

However, by adopting modern and online attendance systems in your organization, you can make the most of the in-built security features, preventing falsified activities such as payroll fraud. Similarly, employees will no longer be able to make fraudulent entries of their timings in the system.

An online attendance system holds significance in managing productivity and profitably of your business. A business cannot reach its maximum potential unless it adapts to advanced technology and makes the most of its available resources.

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