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Five Things To Avoid When Selecting And Implementing A Time And Attendance System

Published: April 1, 2016

Is your business looking to implement a time and attendance system to better manage your complete workforce? With over three decades of experience working with thousands of organizations all over the world, Mitrefinch has learned a thing or two about the keys for success in the world of time and attendance. Here are five potential traps to avoid…

  1. Take your time. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, ‘Take time for all things. Great haste makes great waste.’ It pays to be wary of rushing ahead to implement the new system too quickly. Best practice, particularly for very large organizations, would be to begin bringing in the system in phases. Start off with small changes – perhaps just at one of your smaller sites – before you eventually roll out the system company-wide. Mitrefinch project managers take pride in our highly successful implementations and many highly-satisfied customers.
  2. Not everyone is a tech expert. It is worth keeping in mind that not everyone who will be using the new system is a software and technology guru, so the system’s ease of use should be an important factor in the final choice of time and attendance system. Investing the company’s money into an overly-complicated system could be highly problematic if the end users can’t make proper use of it, especially if the problem is compounded by training and support being inadequate. The Mitrefinch support and trainingteam provide customized and highly-effective training solutions to ensure that you continuously gain maximum benefit from your Time and Attendance system from day one.
  3. All that glitters is not gold. Do not be tempted to over-simplify your final choice by opting to purchase the cheapest, or the biggest name, or the most expensive, or the one with the slickest website, and so on. As you evaluate different systems, certain ‘bells and whistles’ can be appealing, but are they really necessary? In the end, the right choice of time and attendance system, and the best fit for your organization tends to be a matter of the value it can add rather than price or any other factor. Got a spare minute? Input your company’s details into the Mitrefinch ROI calculator to gain understanding of how our system could help your company.
  4. Team huddle. Due to their very nature, a newly implemented time and attendance system tends to have an immediate impact on every single person in your organization – from senior management, to HR, to accounts and finance, to team leaders and, of course, employees. Each of these users will likely have a different set of needs, requirements, preferences and expectations from the system. It is important to involve each user type as a first step, and work to gain a better understanding of what’s important to them before mapping out your requirements and making a decision. This helps ensure the system is adopted by all too.
  5. Never assume. The final piece of general advice in selecting and implementing time and attendance software is, ‘Don’t be shy with asking questions’. You cannot assume anything. A good provider should have the patience, professionalism, and expertise to work with you in a collaborative manner and ensure the best possible fit for your organization.
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