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Could Your Employees be Manipulating their Paper Timesheets?

Published: December 7, 2016

Remember that school fellow who used to yell ‘Present!’ at the mention of his absent buddy during the attendance roll calls? We have all seen many such types and you too might have done a similar favor for your friend or peer at least once.

Like it is said, bad habits do not go away that easily, a loyal friend who used to serve as a proxy for his late or absent fellows might still be doing the favor today!


In your very own organization!

Compromised time records and manipulations in the time sheets and attendance logs are one of the core areas that eat away a significant chunk of the organizational budget. Each manipulated entry translates into a slam dunk cost and a futile expenditure that does not bring any actual return.

Timesheet manipulations and compromised entries often happen in organizations that still follow manual methods of time management and make time and attendance records through paper logs and spreadsheets.

With the evolution of smart and automated time and attendance systems, the paper sheets and manual handling of key management functions have long lost their efficacy. Since the basic spreadsheets and paper time sheets are handled manually, there exists a high probability of manual errors and alterations in the current or past records.

Since the wage and hour calculations as well as payroll mechanism solely depend on the accuracy of time entries and overtime records, compromised time and attendance entries might result in a slam dunk cost, making up a significant 5% of the total payroll budget.

How Your Employees Might be Manipulating the Time Sheets?

You might not even have an idea of how many ways your employees use to manipulate paper time sheets and attendance logs. Of the ample ways to manipulate, dupe and abuse the time sheets, here are some common tactics used to alter the organization’s time and attendance records;

  • Buddy Punching
  • Personal Biases or Favoritism
  • False Time Offs
  • Deceptive Data Entries
  • Nepotism

Time Sheet Manipulation – What’s the Solution?

A smart, effective and efficient solution to prevent and eliminate the manipulation of time and attendance entries is to upgrade your time and attendance functions through automated systems and software.

This eliminates the scope of manual handling of entries, with the smart and intelligent system making it impossible to abuse time records and attendance logs though deceptive manual tactics. Here are some smart strategies for you to incorporate into your employee management designs to ensure the accuracy and sanctity of the essential time, attendance, work and overtime records to reduce costs and resource wastage;

  • Use smart and automated systems to optimize efficiency and accuracy of your core workforce management functions.
  • Maintain a system of smart vigilance for time entries.
  • Devise an integrated working pattern. This makes it convenient to track late entries and absences.
  • Maintain an instant feedback mechanism to deal with the queries, notifications and approval requests related to the time and attendance system in a timely and hassle-free way.
  • Incorporate stringent rules and guidelines pertaining to the accuracy of time and attendance entries and also elaborate on the consequences if an employee is found compromising the entries.

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