Reliable and secure, web based time clock software is designed for businesses of all sizes. Remote connection lets employees clock in and out from any mobile device or computer. This makes perfect sense for the business with multiple locations, or the employee who works remotely.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Whether hosted in the cloud or run over provider servers, this time clock system is easily accessible from anywhere a company has employees. The website interface or app from Advance Systems for use alone or by integrating with other business systems.

Unlike traditional time clocks, employees have a variety of clocking options. Managers get real-time data for reporting and analysis purposes. They know when and where employees are at all times.

Accessible Through Multi Platforms

Managers and employees can access this time clock from any desktop computer including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Google Chrome OS

When coming into the office is not part of the workday, the same tracking system is available from:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Native apps

Simple Scheduling

Say goodbye to the spreadsheet and notebook time tracking system. Employees no longer need to congregate in the breakroom to view a paper schedule. With Advance System’s simple online scheduler, employees can quickly view their work week. Give them the ability to:

  • View overtime availability
  • View individual shifts
  • Clock in and out
  • Request time off
  • Swap shifts
  • Communicate with coworkers and manager

Managers have powerful shift planning capabilities to:

  • View real-time schedules
  • Find replacements for shifts
  • Schedule employees anywhere, anytime
  • Approve time off requests
  • Communicate with subordinates
  • Scalable, Intuitive, Collaborative
  • Managing schedules are a breeze from a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Multiple Location Viewing

One account is all that is needed for multiple locations and departments. Create, manage and share schedules within every department seamlessly. Everyone has at-a-glance dashboard views for quick, simple and easy assessments of availability.

GPS Location Technology

Location and time stamping becomes a cinch for accurate information. Managers know which employees are onsite when they are scheduled to work. Everyone appreciates the freedom, independence and ease of using this web-based time clock software.

Real-time GPS tracking enables managers to monitor staff remotely. They no longer have to be in the same area to observe attendance and punctuality. Information is readily available to not only analyze trends but to also improve cost controls and performance.

Integrate Payroll Processing

No time is wasted gathering paper time cards. Payroll administrators can download schedules and hours worked to import to the most commonly used payroll providers.

Empowering Self-Service Capabilities

Employees are empowered by being part of the scheduling process. This helps to decrease the amount of time management spends on recurring tasks that employees are fully capable of doing for themselves. Once posted, they can manage their own schedules.

Via the employee dashboard, employees can request time off, shift swaps and receive direct messages from managers, among other things. Giving employees control helps them share in the responsibility of completing tasks and shifts as expected.

Collaborative Communication Tools

One vitally important aspect of running a business is ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Daily tasks can delay updating the team. By taking this web-based route, managers communicate instantly with everyone at the same time. They can also send messages to individual employees.

This collaborative tool keeps the team informed and accountable. With a one-step process, the entire staff receives instant customizable alerts about:

  • Open, dropped and traded shifts
  • Company-wide messages an events
  • New or updated schedules
  • Schedule reminders

The notification power of this feature provides a much-needed way to stay in constant contact with remote employees. Technology-driven, message can be sent via text email and in-app messaging.

Mobile Tracking

On-the-go mobile flexibility is more than a fade or trend. Being able to keep things running away from the office is a permanent fixture for most businesses. Staying competitive in a global world means managing an entire workforce from the palm of one’s hand.

With an expanding mobile workforce, web-based time tracking technology becomes the perfect solution. Modern business finds employees working from home and living in all parts of the world. It makes sense to have a clocking system that fits into the culture.

Sophisticated Actionable Reporting

The management team will find it easy to stay abreast of labor costs, forecasting and trending data with analytic reporting tools. It becomes easy to track critical statistics such as:

  • No-shows
  • Late arrivals
  • Early-to-leave
  • Time-off and overtime requests
  • System usage

Begin learning just how powerful workforce time management can be with a free demo of this web-based system!

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