Get the Top-Rated, Easy-to-Use Timesheet Solution!

Mitrefinch offers a variety of options for you to track all aspects of employee time. Through features of customized components, these timesheet software solutions will meet the needs of your business without interrupting daily functions.

Software Interfaces with Different Technologies

To ensure automatic and accurate input, select from one or a combination of the following:

  • Landline: cost-effective solution for employees to clock in via an 800#, making real-time data accessible to managers
  • PC-Based: employees use this solution to clock in from their desktop computer
  • Mobile: great for employees who do not come into the office for work; they use their cell phones to clock in on time
  • Biometric desktop reader: employees use fingerprint recognition to clock in from their desks
  • Biometric time clock: use a centralized location for employee clock in with a fingerprint reader

Time Management System That Puts the Right People in Control

As the administrator of this timesheet software, you control which staff gains access to the system. Whether remote or onsite, employees can enter personalized information to get connected.

They clock in and clock out via the employee mode for tasks and projects. Additionally, they can request time off for vacation or other personal matters.

Likewise, managers and supervisors log in to complete a variety of functions:

  • Clock in or clock out a single employee
  • Clock in or clock out a group of employees
  • View live employee data, including who is currently at work

The Future of Timesheet Systems is Here!

Mitrefinch offers several innovative ways for you to improve your current timesheet system – without interrupting productivity.

Mobile Phone

The mobile phone clock in system gives employees immediate access to track their time anywhere and anytime. On the road, working from home or working at a different company location are all the same.

Information about their hours worked is transferred immediately to the main time and attendance system. From there, managers and supervisors can view, analyze and create reports about the hours of each employee in their department.

Also with mobile time tracking comes the option for employees to clock in with a simple text message. Information is also transferred to the main time and attendance system. This flexible way to begin a work shift comes with plenty of “no’s”:

  • No hardware required
  • No limits on the number of texts received
  • No SIMM card
  • No monthly SIMM rental
  • No cost beyond monthly cell bill

Through automatic Web SMS notifications, employees and system administrators receive:

  • Missed clockings
  • Roster information
  • Clock in or out rejections
  • Offline alerts

Biometric Fingerprint

Whether through a desktop reader or one centralized system, employees use their fingerprint to clock in and out. This eliminates costly buddy punching while giving employees an easy and quick way to clock in and out.

You also save money and improve security by not having swipe cards or similar systems. Fingerprint algorithms are stored to make it impossible for someone to steal the information.

Track Employee Initiated Leave Requests and Accrual Balances

Timesheet software is not limited to tracking clockings. This system also allows employees to request time off and track their leave balance in real-time. Requests go directly to managers so they can compare competing requests and ensure department coverage does not conflict with the request.

The added time-off calendar gives managers a quick view of the leave schedule by week, month or year. With the simple task of approving or denying time off requests, time is never lost on keeping vacation and sick leave in focus.

Hourly Accountability Tracking for Exempt Employees

With increased scrutiny on accurate time reporting regardless of employee classification, you need a solution that keeps hourly accountability on track. Use this simple interface to have exempt employees clock in so managers can run metrics reports to track attendance.

This encourages accountability for tardiness and other issues unrelated to payroll. Hours worked by exempt employees are captured and stored in the system. You have data readily available if there is ever a question about the status of exempt employees.

Say “Goodbye” to Complicated Timekeeping Systems

Switching to Mitrefinch’s timesheet software solution is a great fit for your company, particularly if you have remote workers and multiple locations. Paper processes of the past were fraught with errors and incomplete data.

Managers and employees will appreciate a simple timesheet entry program that does not interfere with daily activities. This is a highly secure software solution that is customizable for your business needs. You can control labor costs by cutting down on overtime or buddy punching.

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