Keep Track of Employee Working Time with Mitrefinch Timekeeping Systems

Achieve Accurate Reporting of Time Spent Working

Eliminates errors due to outdated paper signing in methods.
Reduces occurrence of employees neglecting to clock in for work.

Eliminate Inaccurate Payroll Calculations through Time Logging Options

No more erroneous salary payouts. No more time spent trying to rectify over or under payment issues due to human error.

Improve the Management of Staff Work Time and Attendance

Keep track of work attendance habits and absenteeism.
Manager’s can schedule amount of time to be spent on tasks and much more.

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Suitable for 100 to 10,000+ employees

What Does Mitrefinch Timekeeping Systems Have to Offer?

Mitrefinch Timekeeping Systems offer comprehensive control of employee working time through its state of the art time management software. Customize the features based on the dictates of your work environment and needs.


Whether projects are on site, remote or spread across various locations, accurately keep track of staff working time through the diverse offering of clocking options. The software also offers the ability to generate numerous useful analytical reports to address issues.


Mitrefinch Timekeeping Software offers employers a combination of predesigned and ad-hoc reporting to meet every need.

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Efficient Solutions for Clocking In

Flexible options to clock in on site or remotely. Use the internet, installed biometric clocks, mobile phones, clock in via desktop applications.

Iron Clad Security to Protect Logins

Concerns about security access to the various systems have been addressed and eliminated with Mitrefinch’s built-in security features.

Time Allocation System for Managers

Managers can schedule the amount of time required to be spent performing each task, send priority lists to boost efficiency.

Analytic Reports & Data for Cost Saving

Gather valid data to get an accurate picture of work attendance trends, absenteeism and extra hours worked.

Software to Assure Compliance

Software to ensure government compliance in the area of health and safety, as well as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Keep Up To Date With HR Matters

Automated email notifications for addressing nearing overtime limits, conducting probation, work appraisals & monitoring new employees.

Custom Built Timekeeping Solutions For You

Discover how our customers have improved productivity and reduced absenteeism


My company has been with Mitrefinch for 4 years. The system is easy to use and is custom built for us – when we have a question or need a report developed the process is fast and simple

katie sens

Katie Sens

Director of Human Resources, Chemprene Manufacturing

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