Mitrefinch’s Sophisticated Timekeeping Software

Employee management is an integral part of running a successful business. Mitrefinch understands the valuable commodity of this part of an operation and offers a timekeeping software that helps employers stay on top.

This sophisticated solution streamlines the process by helping employers maintain efficiency with reduced labor costs. It captures time & attendance automatically either from different data sources or just one, including:

  • Web entry
  • Mobile apps
  • Telephone entry
  • Desktop entry

With Mitrefinch, you can track time and also understand the true costs of labor the software also helps you maintain compliance and improve payroll accuracy. This simplified way of managing timecards electronically helps with:

  • Early/late arrivals
  • Missed time entries
  • Avoiding costly rework from payroll errors

This software system allows you to track scheduled hours versus actual hours worked. Supervisors and managers can project department hours to help with budgeting labor costs and overtime more effectively.

Benefits of Timekeeping Software Deployment

1.Keep track of employees’ time and attendance

Showing up late or leaving early might be a regular practice for some employees. This common practice can lead to lost profits until employers adopt a strategy to discourage this behavior. Investing in timekeeping software is a definite step in the right direction.

If an employee is aware that their time is being monitored, he or she will become more punctual and honest with his or her time in the workplace.

2.Less manual work involved

When corporations have a difficult time using manual methods to track different aspects of employee management, it is time to consider an advanced solution. Keeping employee time with a software system ensures you have one less thing to worry about.

Most of the work related to tracking profit losses and critical mistakes become automated. Managing employees’ time requires only a fraction of the time manual methods absorbed.

3.Get a single, integrated platform

A seamless unified workforce management software suite allows sharing of databases and workflows. You and your staff can access workforce related data across schedules, time and attendance, payroll and HR management.

Features Should a Timekeeping Management System HaveSmall, Medium and Large Businesses Benefit

The size of your business does not matter if you attempt to operate without the right software tools. Success comes with hardworking employees who meet customer needs and also adapt to changing technology. Keeping track of time in the office is central to these points. This requires your investment in a system that provides:

  • Access up-to-the-minute data. Get real-time insights so you can identify and resolve issues before they have a costly impact on your bottom line. Reports and employee self-service tools can improve decision-making while driving results.
  • Empower mobile access. Managers and remote employees can complete common tasks anytime and anywhere work takes them. This timekeeper is compatible with a variety of mobile applications.
  • Stay in control of the payroll process. You get real-time calculations so you are aware of what employees are doing – and how much you are paying them to do it. With versatile pay rules, managers can determine how much regular time and overtime is going into current or past payrolls. This time tracking platform is capable of supporting various scenarios such as shift differentials and locations.
  • Tax data keeps you compliant. This built-in tax module supports different tax structures. The software includes a tax table that automatically updates to ensure withholdings are in line with federal and state requirements.

Timekeeping Software Platform for Today’s Dynamic Workplace

Mitrefinch offers a time tracking solution that delivers value in more ways than one. You need a tool that staffs shifts with enough employees who have the skill set to control labor costs and optimize productivity metrics.

But, if you rely on semi-automated systems or convoluted spreadsheets, matching employee availability becomes an error-prone, time-consuming process. Fluctuating business demands frustrate creating schedules to meet the needs within your organization. Mitrefinch makes it easy to manage schedules and employee time so performance goals are met within your labor budget.

Mitrefinch provides automated tools in its timekeeping system so you receive the high-quality information that is needed for accuracy. Automatic enforcement of policies, labor laws and other pertinent aspects of scheduling helps your business minimize compliance risk.

From a desktop or mobile device, on-demand visibility of schedules and time entry reduces the amount of time management spends on daily tasks. Instead, their focus is on the other strategic priorities that will produce the best bottom line results.

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