Smart and unique, Mitrefinch’s time clock software is an integral part of every organization’s employee management system. Configured to suit your unique business needs, intuitive systems deliver accurate attendance data.

Your unique business deserves workforce solutions that solve the specific challenges you may face. This type of solution has everything:

  • Configuration
  • Compliance
  • Implementation
  • Employee Time Tracking, capture clock in / clock outs
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Biometric Time and Attendance
  • Mobile Remote Workforce Management
  • Project & Task Management
  • Third-party integration
  • And much more!

Convenience of Time Tracking System in the Cloud

You want the most secure and fully accessible platform to store critical business data. If trying to understand a fully redundant and multi-location capable platform makes you swoon, you will appreciate the efficient, yet practical, time tracking system from Mitrefinch.

Seamless updates and no-hassle maintenance are just the beginning. Your company can rest knowing important business data is securely housed in a best-in-class cloud solution.

Whether you have one or multiple locations, the fully redundant environment you get in the cloud holds everything you need in one convenient place. On the premise servers are unnecessary. Mitrefinch also promises world-class security through the most reliable way to keep important data within close reach.

Data and Application Security

The Mitrefinch data security approach involves regular audits to ensure we offer clients 24/7 data protection. Firewalls and SSL encryption help to guarantee your trade secrets and customer data remain tucked away in the highest security levels. Permissions are granted within the cloud software to ensure users can only access data that they are allowed to see.

Implementation of various controls within different applications ensures all data uploaded remain fully secure. Procedures that seals this guarantee include:

  • Password protected access and user authentication
  • Secure Sockets Layers keeps information transmitted between computers and the host server remain encrypted
  • Password encryption with configurable composition, expiration and length
  • User access based on roles to help limit access to different modules
  • Timeout for idle users

Project Time Tracking Software Makes it Easier to Manage

time clock mobile appTime clock software makes tracking the progression of projects easier. Gain complete visibility with real-time insights into the project milestones. Ease of use provides intuitive user interface design, which delivers maximum productivity on different tasks.

Project workflow becomes automated, allowing team leaders to setup workflows and make revisions as necessary. In the end, user efficiency improves so employees faster and smarter. The interactive calendar and Gantt charts make this possible.

Maximum security is never compromised when managers set granular permissions for team member on different projects. Seamless workflow integration also allows employees to use this time clock software with other business applications. Workers can also access projects anytime, anywhere from their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Clarity & Control of Projects

Your business achieves complete visibility with advanced reporting capabilities across multiple projects. Never look back on the days where disparate data was meshed together to view progress, costs and how resources were allocated.

Get Insight & Efficiency from Data

Achieve equilibrium between resources and output by using real-time data. You can access automated information when delays and errors from manual entries are eliminated. Most importantly, the information is available for you to use immediately. Your team projects will become distinct well-oiled machines.

Historical Data Prevents Cost Overrun

Limit cost overrun so you can make more accurate forecasts from historical data. You will meet the expectation of all stakeholders when projects are completed on time. Resources can be seamlessly moved to the next project. Planning becomes simple with the right time clock system from Mitrefinch.

Integrate Time Clock Software with Payroll Providers

There is one thing that will help your organization save money while investing in software. Improvement to the bottom line requires selecting a system that integrates with current systems. Expect integration with:

  • Accounting programs such as Quickbooks or Excel
  • Payroll systems such as Paychex, Sage and PeopleSoft
  • Staffing tools including WinSearch and Bullhorn

Further, project accounting benefits also become a reality through running real-time numbers. You can track labor costs, expenses and revenues by department, jobs, project activity and much more.

Total Management System

Mitrefinch time clock solution enables you to fully control what occurs on each team project. Select modules or purchase the entire suite so your organization realizes the full benefit to utilizing the total employee management software.

Features make it much easier to handle project accounting functions. With it, you save time, money and ensure information is accurate. The result is teams that work faster and smarter together.

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