If your objective is to invest in time recording software that minimizes common timekeeping problems, Mitrefinch has the perfect solution. Even better, this system will help you save money from day one.

  • Efficiency gains
  • Integrated payroll
  • Better job tracking

Gain minute-by-minute control over time tracking data for your greatest asset: employees.

Get a Solution That Empowers Your Business

Unlike the unpredictable external forces, every business wants to feel it has control over internal processes. You get that and more from Mitrefinch’s timekeeping system. Payroll reports are delivered in minutes, rather than days and hours after employees enter their time into the system.

Not only are you saving money and time with more efficient processes, but you get a real cost advantage with this easy-to-learn system. Employees clock in and out with ease while managers can create work shift schedules weeks in advance.

Key Benefits

One key benefit to this time recording software is it can be used with any computer, anywhere within your company. This includes company-owned computer systems that employees use outside the office.

Record time and attendance data equally for remote workers as well as office staff. All information is stored in a single data source for retrieval when needed. This software also keeps track of employee hours that are actually worked.

Late comers cannot manipulate the system to cover up tardiness. This ensures accuracy of labor costs and policy compliance. Each employee has unique login credentials so department managers can see who is absent or late.

Save Administrative Time

Less time spent on processing payroll means there is more time for strategically sound tasks to strengthen your business.

Save Employee Time

Eliminate timesheets that take much longer than entering time from a computer.

Save Time Correcting Errors

No timesheets equals fewer mishaps with miscalculations that must be corrected before payroll or other labor related reports are run. You save money from no more over-payments. Further, employees are happier when underpayments are no longer an issue.

No More Manual Timekeeping

Illegible timesheets are fraught with costly errors. Manual payroll processing also meant chasing employees for timecards. Implementing Mitrefinch’s time recording system takes those troubles away.

In addition to better payroll processing, you can track all entries that affect employee time.

  • Overtime
  • Sick time
  • Vacation time
  • Project work
  • Leave requests

Collecting this data gives you and your managers a better understanding of labor costs. This system delivers fast, comprehensive reports for managers to know who reports to work, who is absent and why.

With this data, you have better control of real-time job costs. Details on wage cost analyses and attendance information allows you to manage time and attendance more efficiently. In the end, you are pleased with empowering decisions and less time spent on tedious time recording duties.

You can immediately know if an employee is constantly late or absent when they have not clocked in with this secure software. This program keeps an eye on employees even when your managers are not in the office.

Why More Businesses Choose Mitrefinch

Time within a business is valuable, billable and accountable. Mitrefinch time recording software enables you to have all three in one source. As one of your most critical assets, it is hard to get back wasted time before it costs your business too much.

Using an integrated software system that encompasses every aspect of time and attendance allows you to see how much time is wasted on activities and projects. Employees complete electronic timesheets that sync with payroll, labor reports and federal compliance rules.

Digitizing the time and attendance process helps you easily identify how employees are spending their time. You can systematically track time spent on specific tasks. This wealth of useful data helps you determine where profits and labor costs lie.

  • Employees clock in and out within seconds
  • Software is secure from outside and inside breaches
  • Simple installation that does not interfere with daily work schedules

Running a secure and efficient business requires having the latest technology that is compatible with your strategic goals. This includes an employee time tracking solution that improves all aspects of daily work schedules.

Unless scheduled and monitored correctly, businesses will lose valuable money-making time. Mitrefinch time recording software empowers businesses of all sizes to track time, manage projects and clearly understand productivity in one easy to use system.

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