Mitrefinch Time Management Systems

These programs can be either integrated into a computer system or can feature a physical punch clock terminal for workers to punch in and out of when required by the guidelines determined by the company. Totally customizable and easy to implement, time management systems can help companies organize better and complete special projects more quickly.

Track Attendance

Knowing who is at work and when is one of the most important needs of any company. Software systems and digital punch time clocks can track attendance and time off of any employee. They are miles ahead of the old-fashioned punch clocks as they data is integrated into an easy-to-use software program human resources can view, edit and track easily.

Keep Track of Job Length and Redesign Work Flow

Attendance isn’t the only thing to keep track of in a company looking to increase productivity. Time management systems can be designed to track specific jobs, projects or areas in the office, which departments consume most of your employees time, or track how much time certain tasks take out of the day. This information can help managers streamline workflow and perhaps assign different workers to tasks that would fit into their daily schedule better, thus increasing productivity all around.

Increase Productivity on Projects

When a special project or short term disruption in the normal work flow occurs in your company, you must make time to get it done expeditiously without disrupting normal work flow. Time management systems programs can first identify employees who are most available to work on the new task and can keep track of how much time they spend on each aspect of the work. This helps the company keep on time and in budget.

For tracking both overall attendance and individual worker tasks and projects, time management systems provide companies with a true method for improving work flow. Specially designed computer-based or punch time clock systems can handle any time organization tasks your business particularly needs.