Mitrefinch’s time management software is an effective employee attendance tracking system that helps your company stay organized. Feel confident in completing special projects faster. Give your supervisors time-saving administrative options such as the ability to view and approve timecards electronically.

From a single window, supervisors can set up a variety of exceptions to manage employee time cards. Missed clock-ins and late time recordings are just two examples of how you can improve time tracking.

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With software that includes built-in scheduling tools, supervisors can also assign shifts to employees. Totally customizable and easy to implement, this time and attendance software system ensures labor data accurately represents your workforce.

Key Features of Time Management Software

  1. include Integration with current time clock system
  2. employee attendance tracking
  3. time management for remote workers
  4. ability for employees to submit absence and time off requests
  5. alerts systems and job tracking per projects
  6. real time reports and improved productivity

1. Integrate with Existing Time Management Software

Software that can integrate with your current time clock system is a better investment than starting completely from scratch. This innovative way to manage your workforce can be setup either way.

Employees can access time tracking system:

  • Via a web browser
  • Using their smartphone
  • From a desktop

There are a variety of compatible hardware options to ensure this time management software works well. Along with biometric fingerprint time clocks, you can also have time clocks for employees who work in rugged areas such as a construction zone.

2. Track Employee Attendance

Attendance tracking begins when employees clock in and clock out, but it does not there. This time tracking platform not only tells you what time employees come to work, but it also handles multiple parameters regarding attendance.

You can set rules for breaks, follow productivity and watch for possible overtime excesses. Supervisors can approve or deny time off requests based on department needs. Reason codes can be established for reporting purposes and leave balances.

3.Time Management On-the-Go

The mobile app features GPS technology for employees to clock in even when they are away from the office. This works perfectly for staff members whose job description requires them to constantly be in the field. You never miss a beat because the remote system replicates the main software.

Employees are able to record their work hours without coming into the office. You and your supervisors are fully aware of who is at work during their scheduled time. The information provides real-time attendance data so you know employees are where they are supposed to be.

4.Employee Self-Service Portal

The employee self-service portal has many features commonly associated with time tracking solutions. Customize this module according to job title and department so employees can access their attendance records.

They can view PTO balances, track their absences and request time off, as well as clock in and out. Email alerts are sent to supervisors from the self-portal to either approve or deny time off requests.

This empowers employees to manage their time without the constant watch of their supervisors. Use of this feature also saves time when human resource personnel can focus on other things without the constant interruption of employees asking for information about their attendance.

5.Customizable Notifications

This is one system for managing time that delivers an extensive customizable alert system. From the Event Manager page, rules are set up for supervisors and employees to receive attendance related information.

Save time and send notifications for things like:

  • Time off requests
  • Overtime
  • Shift availability
  • Missed punches

You choose whether the preferred method for sending the notifications is through a text message, email or both.

Track Jobs and Redesign Workflow

If you are like most companies, tracking productivity is an essential task. This time management software platform allows you to do just that by tracking jobs, projects and departments. You will know which area of the company efficiently consumes employee time, and which does not.

Reporting data aids in streamlining workflow and making changes as necessary. Perhaps some supervisors can reassign employees to different tasks according to their skill set. This goes a long way towards increasing productivity when your company draws on strengths.

6.Improve Project Productivity

Not only does this system help you improve employee productivity, but you can also become more efficient with certain projects. Special projects or short-term disruptions can stagnate the normal workflow. This software for managing time can keep you on course.

By identifying which employees are available for the new task, you can get the new project done expeditiously. Keep track of the time spent on each aspect of the project. Doing so ensures your company stays within labor and financial budget.

Implementation Services for Time Management System

Mitrefinch offers installation and implementation services to make sure your time management software is up and running quickly. We will set up the platform in-house and remotely as needed. We customize the features for your business and continue with customer support to make sure the software continues to deliver.

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