Mitrefinch has developed a clean time card interface system that is easy to navigate. Administrators and employees access powerful tools to:

• Enter hours worked on time cards
• Create work schedules
• Process payroll

Mitrefinch delivers some of the best time tracking features in the timekeeping industry. Employers who are interested in saving time and money will benefit from using this time card software. Many programs are available for purchase, but Mitrefinch’s innovative version can be used in a variety of platforms.

Companies that need an online time clock, web login interface or a system that integrates with a physical clock, Mitrefinch delivers all three.

Administrative Tools that Streamline Processes

Administrative tools allow managers to perform many functions that were once susceptible to human error. Managers can add new employees, modify work times and grant or restrict access to employees.

Mitrefinch software includes a scheduler for managers to create and assign shifts. In addition, company messages can be sent electronically to employees individually or as a group. Reporting features give managers a comprehensive view of attendance behaviors.

Managers can also run reports to plan department needs during down times and peak periods. Electronic functions prevent mistakes that put employers out of compliance with wage and hour rules.

Easy to Install Software

Mitrefinch software is easy to install and simple to use. Designed without too much flare, yet built to deliver the tools and features required to manage time and attendance for today’s workforce.

Employees clock in at the beginning of a shift; they clock out at the end of their workday. There is never a need to submit a paper timesheet or manually calculate hours worked. Time is automatically tracked throughout the day taking into account break and lunch times.

Information goes directly to managers for them to:

• View time card data
• Correct inaccuracies
• Approve for payroll at the end of pay periods

The software syncs with desktops to ensure accurate time tracking.

Alert Employees about New Shifts

Mitrefinch software sends alerts to employees and managers about new shifts. Employees can request hours and/or managers can create schedules. This saves time and money when managers are not spending time trying to make last minute replacements. Shifts are covered and managers can meet their labor hour requirements.

Alerts also tell managers when to begin working on future shifts to ensure coverage for vacations and leave time. Companies run more efficiently with applications that support business needs. Mitrefinch’s time card solution does this for companies of all sizes.

Employees can also take advantage of the self-service feature to swap shifts with coworkers. This software makes it easy to move schedules around when needed while keeping managers informed of the changes. That way, managers know who is working and who is not at any given moment.

Employers Save Money with Automatic Scheduling

This software is designed to take inputs of information and compile everything into a schedule automatically. Manual processes that once took a long time to complete are now part of this sophisticated system.

It considers employee availability and skill set for particular tasks and shifts. Managers save a lot of time when a click of the mouse gives them the data they need to manage their departments. This leaves plenty of time to focus on other aspects of creating a great company.

The scheduler and auditing tools help managers track sick leave, overtime, vacations and holidays. This helps to ensure proper coverage throughout the year.

Mitrefinch’s time card solution even allows employees on-the-go to enter their time. Employees can view their schedules, make changes and clock in from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Mitrefinch’s Powerful Time Card Software Solution

Mitrefinch is a time clock software solution that can integrate with physical time clocks or web-based clocks. Employees can login to gain access to a self-service system that saves time for everyone. Managers have the ability to track time & attendance data without consuming too much time for other things, like managing employees.

Yet, one of the most important aspects of business operations continues to run smoothly without interrupting daily tasks. Robust features and tools cover everything related to hours worked, shift scheduling and payroll processing.

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