The Mitrefinch time and attendance system is a fully integrated suite of features that not only track hours but also allocates those hours for the best use of time.

Including a time allocation system optimizes the potential for your workforce. Projects are filled with resources that contribute to success.

With this system, your managers assign employees to specific projects. Dates and percentage of time each employee spends are entered and calculated in one centralized place. Managers know how much of an employee’s time is devoted to project tasks.

Prioritizing Tasks

During any given workday, employees may struggle with selecting or prioritizing their tasks. Managers relieve this stress by assigning tasks based on departmental needs.

Capturing the benefits of this innovative solution, managers keep employees focused on the most important items first. At the same time, managers can monitor completion rates to ensure resources and time are allocated appropriately.

Your managers can distribute work assignments based on:

  • Skills
  • Service level
  • Work schedules

Employees receive notifications of their workload for the day with ordered completion timeframes assigned to each task.

The system captures when items on their task list are completed. Managers get instant updates on the progress.

Managers Efficiently Allocate Hours

Mitrefinch’s system gives managers power over controlling how resources are best allocated to complete projects on time and on budget.

Being able to use a time allocation program that removes the need for paperwork gives employees the ability to submit hours without disrupting their productivity. Keeping them focused on the task at hand could improve their job satisfaction and your company’s bottom line.

Manager effectively allocates hours by assigning employees to:

  • Business goals
  • Projects
  • Tasks

Collectively, these assignments are based on each employee’s skill set. Reallocating employees when priorities change or their abilities are more useful in another area is just as simple as the original allocations.

Department heads manage resource allocations and workloads to achieve business goals. Work can be evenly divided to avoid having some employees doing too much while others are not doing enough to contribute to project tasks.

This division also takes into consideration days and schedules required for tasks. Calculations are made to determine the amount of time or effort an employee will spend on different tasks.

Mitrefinch allows managers to see the total workloads for each employee every day, week or other assigned periods. Additionally, they get a clear view of any projects or tasks that linger or may result in over-allocating resources.

This outlook enables your managers to reassign work so business goals are still met.

Employees Can Allocate Their Hours

Department heads set the framework for who will complete different tasks. Employees can also use the time allocation system to take ownership of their workdays. Four employee self-service features are certain to make this a winning solution for any industry.

1. Employees can clock in for assigned tasks. This feature allows employees to specify which assignment they are working on at any given time. All they need to do is clock out and move on to the next task.

2. Employees can use the self-service option to modify existing time. The system has a time card feature for employees to make changes, if necessary, to how their tasks were completed. Subject to the manager’s approval, these changes can be made daily or weekly.

Automatic approvals or after a manager’s review keeps the information about projects fresh at all times.

3. Employees have mobile options for clocking in to assigned tasks. The TAS comes with a free app that employees can download to their smartphones for remote workdays. This keeps them connected to the system as if they were in the office.

Apps can conveniently be configured to synchronize projects and task lists automatically with the time management server. Therefore, hours worked are never forgotten or left for manual entry the day before payroll.

4. Employees can enter their time in self-service electronic timesheets. After entering completed tasks, employees will submit their timesheets for management approval. This information is matched with the manager’s record of assignments and hours that were allocated.

This gives managers useful data for project and labor reports. Not only are they able to determine productivity levels, but these reports also provide guidance for future planning.

Take Proactive Action with Tracking Employee Progress

With the Mitrefinch time allocation system, managers can track progress continuously. Doing so will bring issues to their attention before projects and workloads are negatively impacted. This keeps them in charge and empowered to make schedule changes as necessary.

What this does means more than keeping employees busy all day. Managers can reduce the number of errors, rework and overtime that absorbs resources in nonproductive ways.

An investment in a TAS is an investment into a solution that provides essential functionality for managing your workforce.

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