Attendance tracking is not very useful if the only thing you know is when employees clock in and when they clock out. Any company makes better use of such information when it is helpful for recognizing insightful trends.

Mitrefinch has integrated attendance reporting that allows you to customize data to make improvements to those trends. No longer are you bound by collecting paper records and re-entering data just to understand employee attendance habits. Instead, the numbers you need to make strategic decisions are all in one place.

From the moment employees begin a work shift, through transferring data for payroll, and to create standard reports, you have access to a variety of sorting options. Whether it is for managerial decisions, compliance with government regulations or strategic planning, this reporting system offers reporting selections that include:

  • Monitoring employee data
  • Exporting reports into other software applications
  • Ad hoc reporting with Crystal Reports or Excel

Benefits you can expect when using this innovative system:

  • Flexible reporting
  • Integrated reporting
  • Customized reporting
  • Fast and easy solution

Monitor Employee Attendance

Monitoring employee attendance is a key factor if your goal is to improve efficiency and productivity. Employment costs relative to having an adequate time and attendance reporting requires that you make use of a system that does the following:

  • Makes it easy to identify and eliminate time card fraud
  • Identifies areas of excessive overtime usage, eliminates this cost strain with increased staffing levels
  • Gives management an accurate view of employment costs
  • Simplifies compliance with federal regulations regarding vacation pay and safety requirements
  • Improves payroll accuracy

These are positive features for any company that is concerned with one of its major expenses. Only with an attendance reporting system that is timely, accurate, flexible and simple is this even possible.

You can expect this and more with Mitrefinch’s system designed for reporting everything you need to know. Compliance with labor requirements and payroll rules are never in question.

Further, having multiple locations does not hinder the system’s ability to provide useful data. Time and attendance details are collected from different work sites and integrated into one reporting system.

Additionally, your management team will have a system that is easy to use. Otherwise, any cost savings and efficiency gains are lost when you try to maneuver an unwieldy software program.

Internal Auditing to Get Usable Data

One thing most business struggle with is keeping historical data in a convenient place. While you will need such information to examine trends and manage work schedules, you will not need to view this information every day. Yet, the same data should be easily accessible when the time comes.

Mitrefinch’s time and attendance system is capable of storing information for up to 98 years. At the same time, you can adjust this timeframe and only keep past information for less time during an audit or other business functions.

Internal auditing gives you the details before you have to complete an annual report or make labor decisions. For instance, you can use working time directive reports to calculate average working hours.

You may also need to use the import utility to add other information that is crucial to synchronizing data between your system and a third-party vendor. This includes automated attendance reporting to distribute reports to supervisors and managers.

This time-saving mechanism is scheduled to automatically send reports to designated managers, supervisors and department heads. Useful data gives your management team information to proactively deal with attendance issues such as:

  • Absenteeism 
  • Excessive overtime
  • Roster and actual work hour variances
  • Outstanding vacation balances

Managers receive these reports in their inbox to ensure there is never a delay. Additionally, you can choose to run these reports daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly, if necessary.

Complete Visibility with Workforce Analytics and Reporting Mechanisms

All information pertaining to managing employee time is stored in the system. Hours worked, number of absences and personnel details are housed into one place for easy access. This makes producing various reports easier to maintain. No longer are you subject to collecting bits and pieces from different sources.

Gaining complete visibility with Mitrefinch’s attendance reporting solution empowers you with real-time information. You will feel more confident in labor decisions with the capability to convert data into actionable and intelligible information.

Instant access to reporting queries and analysis tools enables you to manage business needs from a proactive stance. Reports are previewed, printed exported and emailed to display a variety of information gathering such as:

  • Work hours and employer costs
  • Overtime
  • Number of absences and the cost to your business
  • Vacations and lingering costs from outstanding balances
  • Time allocation breakdown
  • Variance in department hours

Finding many uses for importing and exporting data allows you to also manipulate the data. You can also integrate attendance information with other business applications without dismantling systems.

Using data for other purposes ensures you get the most out of time and attendance trends within your company. Compare it against industry practices or what your company did five years ago. Either way, your management team will make better choices and get better solutions for an efficient organization.

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