Mitrefinch provides an onsite health and safety software program for some of the largest organizations operating in highly regulated or high-risk industries. Our solution modules can be seamlessly integrated with current systems within the organization.

Clients receive a friendly, easy-to-use interface with powerful reporting tools to track areas that work well and other areas that leave their organizations exposed.

End the Struggle

Retrieving meaningful data from a system that is supposed to keep worksites secure is crucial for the safety of employees. This equally important for the bottom line that will literally pay the price for an injury or tragic event.

Mitrefinch’s reporting system for health and safety issues is a comprehensive tool that records and tracks workplace incidents. Users can easily log details and analyze information to identify root causes of injuries when they occur.

Real-time records enable organizations to gather data in one place. This makes it easy to respond quickly to requests from insurance companies and government agencies about safety conditions.

When users have an easy, accessible reporting mechanism, organizations can capture crucial data about potential hazards and near-misses as well as actual injuries. This type of data empowers organizations to make the necessary changes to have a safer place to work.

Investigating Incidents and Root Cause Analyses

When organizations have the unfortunate experience of an employee or visitor getting injured on the premises, the next step is to investigate and identify the root cause. Collecting this type of information is necessary to make improvements and avoid a repeat scenario.

Fortunately, this time & attendance system includes what organizations need to reduce their exposure. They can drive continuous improvement by:

  • Centralizing root cause analysis activities – this powerful system provides a single software solution to record data
  • Analyzing different complex incidents – designated personnel can identify which factors contributed to an incident, whether it was simple or complicated
  • Using multiple cause analysis – every aspect of the incident is examined so management can make the best decisions moving forward
  • Managing or completely eliminating contributing factors to injury incidents – management can implement corrective actions to counter the effects identified root causes had on workplace injuries
  • Reducing the possibility of experiencing future incidents of the same nature – analysis of trends enable organizations to get in front of these root causes and put preventive measures in place

Maintain an Emergency Response System

Every organization that cares about the health and safety of its employees, no matter the size, should include emergency response protocols in its safety procedures. They can schedule and notify employees of emergency response tests to ensure corporate preparedness for the real thing.

Achieve Sustained Compliance with Internal and External Requirements

Ensure ongoing compliance with organizational and regulatory requirements by setting parameters. Managers can streamline how tasks are tracked and make sure employees are performing job duties correctly, which includes following safety protocols.

Tasks related to meeting renewal of permits or other compliance requirements are also tracked. Follow-up activities with automated email notifications ensures crucial tasks are not overlooked.

Never miss completing maintenance checks or monitoring of certain tasks with automated task allocations and scheduling. Email notifications can be escalated if certain duties are delayed on incomplete to ensure employees take swift corrective action.

External audits are easy to prepare for with built-in templates and easily configured reports that captures histories, cost summaries and other pertinent information for year-round preparation.

Maintain Quality Controls

Organizations gain an advantage of managing the work environment with:

  • Safety coordination during project phases that involve heavy equipment
  • Development of safety plans
  • Verification of access permits for employees and visitors
  • Internal controls
  • Control access to personnel protection equipment such as gloves and helmets

Reduce Training Costs for Efficiency Gaps

Inefficiencies can not only create work hazards, but organizations waste an exorbitant amount of money, time and resources when tragic incidents occur. Effective training of employees will help organizations close learning gaps that flow directly to the bottom line.

Mitrefinch’s system helps HR keep track of training activities to ensure lack of skill does not hurt the business.

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