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Manually micromanaging FMLA regulation can be an extremely daunting task for even the most competent employers and human resource personnel. Without properly keeping track of all of the necessary factors, public agencies and private sectors can be liable to face devastating lawsuits from entirely avoidable FMLA compliance violations.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of modern FMLA tracking software options that can be used to keep all of the relevant data secure. Mitrefinch software that can be used to cut back on the stress of FMLA compliance with the following solutions:

Time and Attendance Systems

It is not only employers who have the privilege of using FMLA tracking software to streamline productivity in the workplace. Employees can make use of self-service systems designed to help all personnel keep a tighter grasp on work hours. In order to comply with FMLA compliance regulations, it is imperative to account for all vacation time, entitlements, hiring dates and schedule adjustments over the course of the calendar year.

With the aid of Mitrefinch time and attendance systems, managers and employees can settle affairs contingent upon the employees’ hours without needing to take too much time away from other important priorities. With the use of time and attendance systems, the necessary time investment into working out thousands of hours is reduced to nothing more than a couple of clicks.

The more employees that a public agency or large private sector contains, the easier it is for spreadsheets and time sheets to get lost. By removing the manual micromanagement factor from the process, administrators can immediately have every bit of spreadsheet data immediately transferred to the relevant personnel with laser-like precision.

As soon as the data is transferred to the right administrators, they can proceed to undergo the necessary calculations with justified confidence. There is practically no margin of error when the data is processed through FMLA tracking software, which means that there is no need to fear potentially damaging mistakes that come from payroll miscalculation.

Absence Management Software Systems

FMLA policy states any employees who apply for FMLA leave must have actively logged in at least 1250 hours of active work with the employer over the span of the most recent calendar year. Without being able to accurately keep track of absences, it becomes highly difficult for employers to keep track of the accurate number of hours that would determine whether or not their employees can legally be given FMLA leave time.

With the use of Mitrefinch Absence Management Software, employers won’t make the mistake of accidentally counting absent hours towards the provision of FMLA leave time. In addition to streamlining the leave time consideration process, absence management software makes addressing staffing gaps a much more approachable task.

All absences come with a cost, but with proper absence management software, agencies can effectively work out the best strategies for minimizing their yearly expenses and transitively optimizing their profit as a result.

To make matters smoother, there is no need to manually overhaul the absence management system in order to account for any schedule changes. It only takes several simple clicks for employers to calibrate the system for maximum accuracy.

Employee Scheduling Systems

One of the biggest advantages that an employer can have in the challenge of meeting FMLA compliance is a personalized profile for each different employee’s scheduling metrics. Mitrefinch FMLA tracking software includes an employee scheduling that addresses a number of employee-specific elements, including the following:

  • Pay rates
  • Skills
  • Availability

With each of these factors taken into consideration, employers can always work out the most economical scheduling system for their agency. Even the most complex scheduling tasks can be made intuitive with the use of employee scheduling software that can shorten task time matter of seconds. With the time saved on scheduling, employers can not only remain within FMLA compliance but also ensure that they’re more likely to avoid any unnecessary administrative labor costs.

Employee scheduling software is just as flexible as it is convenient. Employers have the privilege of using their employee management software on an accommodating variety of different platforms, including mobile devices, PCs and laptops. No matter what platform an employer decides to use in order to manage their scheduling tasks, it is always a swift and streamlined process.

One of the more convenient advantages offered by employee scheduling software is overtime budget management. In addition to mitigating the chance of oversights being made in process of managing FMLA compliance data, FMLA tracking software can assist in approaching any budget adjustments that need to be made because of overtime.

Employee Self-Service Modules

The employee self-service management module makes it possible for employees to directly take advantage of FMLA tracking software. Employee users don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading any additional software to keep a comprehensive time log.

Instead of needing to manually maintain a program to track their hours, which could easily lead to oversights, employees can use a web-based application that takes care of all the task for them.

Without consuming any PC memory, employees can keep their web time permanently stored in a place where both they and their employer can access it when it is needed. The two-way storage of the employees’ hours makes FMLA consideration procedures easier to undergo thanks to mutual understanding.

FMLA tracking software for human resource professionals

Human resource professionals have an especially imperative need to help their agencies comply with FMLA standards, and the proper software makes this all the more achievable. HR users can keep track of all elements directly related to time and money management with minimal back-and-forth.

In the event that multiple employees apply for FMLA leave at the same time, HR professionals can use their software to simultaneously compare the statistics for multiple applicants with seamless efficiency. What would otherwise be a daunting cavern of scattered employee and applicant data becomes an easily managed library of instantly accessible information.

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