Get ready to save time and work smarter with the email alert module of Mitrefinch’s time and attendance software. This powerhouse solution to your HR and business operations provides everything you need to have a simpler and effective company.

Easily configurable options work in partnership with your HR goals to send automatic email alerts.

  • Centralize and organize HR data
  • Reduce administrative overhead costs
  • Gain better HR intelligence for competitive operations
  • Flexible to work with different industry systems

Important Dates Stay Top of Mind

See what’s most important and schedule reminders to make sure important tasks get done. From visa renewals for guest workers to probationary periods for full-time employees, you never skip a beat. Key HR-related events and activities are never neglected.

Automate Performance Review Email Reminders

You get to choose from a host of email notifications that keeps department heads in the loop. Whether it is probationary periods expiring or new hires start date, you can send out alerts without interrupting an otherwise productive workday.

With the help of an alert system, you can automatically send notifications of pending performance reviews. This ensures that 90-day and 180-day reviews are completed on time.

Regular feedback is essential to keeping employees connected to your company. When they know what they are doing right – and where they can improve – they are less likely to leave. High turnover rates have a direct effect on the bottom line.

Streamlining the performance review process looks like this:

  • Notify managers of a pending review
  • Notify employees of a pending review
  • Send periodic email reminders to both until they performance review is complete

Automatic Emails Alerts

automatic email alert

Weekly Reports

weekly report

Benefits of Automated Workflows and Alerts

Benefits abound with a host of features that allow you to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks. From hire to retire, you can integrate email notifications with actions that keep issues surrounding human capital flowing on a daily basis.

Crucial time is saved with repetitive email alerts that you can schedule for everyday activities. A perfect example of this is the new hire process. The same basic information is entered into the HR system for every new employee.

Once completed, notifications of confirmed start dates, and IT login and time clock access requests can automatically go to the respective departments.

  • Supervisors know that an offer was accepted
  • IT can obtain the company equipment needed before the employee arrives for his first day
  • Admin staff can order name tags, business cards and prepare office or cubicle space
  • Front desk personnel can update the employee phone list
  • Announce new employee’s arrival
  • New hire welcome email is received the first time the employee logs into the network

Manage Training and Development Initiatives

Often, one challenging aspect for HR is making sure training and development programs accurately match what the company needs and what employees’ desire. The perfect HR software solution to this challenge is integrating a tracking process for training activities.

Budgets that cover such things as continuing education credits are not overrun from late fees after recertification dates expire. Systematically track information according to employee profiles and qualifications for different positions.

Email alert reminders are good for:

  • Powerful reporting on training gaps
  • Health and safety training and retraining
  • Expiration notifications if managers and/or employees fail to comply with certification standards

Collaborate and Communicate with Employees

You can also encourage collaboration and communications when you share documents and links. Perhaps you need to update a policy to match regulatory changes. Distribute a draft the changes to senior management via email with a deadline for responding.

If the deadline approaches and everyone has not responded, you can remind them via email to send their feedback. This delivers more value to your HR system and keeps your company out of the red zone of noncompliance.

Your Business Benefits from an Email Alert System

The benefits to your company offer tremendous returns when using email reminders for HR activities. Compared to the relatively low costs of implementing this addition, you will soon notice improvements to employee retention.

Ensuring nothing falls through the cracks, you can alert managers when their department is closing in on designated overtime hours. Certifications and training are kept up-to-date, ensuring employees are prepared to perform their duties as needed.

The average cost of replacing one employee can be as low as a few thousand dollars or as high as his annual salary. You must calculate recruiting efforts, advertising and the amount of time management spends interviewing potential candidates.

Alerts about company policy and benefits can force a discussion before it becomes necessary for that employee to quit – or be terminated.

Using Mitrefinch to send reminders to stakeholders is a safe and secure way to handle HR data.

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