In today’s world, technology changes rapidly. Having a web punch clock system in place that is web-based allows you the freedom to have a centralized PC receive employees as they check in and out, or provide them with a distributed web login so that they can check-in from their desk or offsite.

Centralized Check-in PC

Mitrefinch’s time and attendance software is designed so that the web application module that all employees use can be augmented by hardware that is integrated with the system. The primary type of hardware that is used with a centralized system is a USB fingerprint reader.

When using a fingerprint reader, you can set it up by simply plugging it into a USB port. Employees can then access the web application by using a finger swipe when they come in. You will want to coordinate the registration of your workers’ fingerprints into your centralized system before they start trying to login. This is usually accomplished by having your HR people arrange to spend a morning registering and validating people as they come in. You can also accomplish this in a brief training.

The benefits of a centralized check-in point are:

  • It is impossible for workers to check-in for each other.
  • Even if you are remote, you can see who is onsite instantly through the centralized application.
  • You can also allow people to check-in directly from the web clock-in screen without using a fingerprint reader.

Fine Tuning

One of the nice things about having a centralized application that provides you with up-to-the minute reporting capabilities is that you can track what type of features that your employees use in the web application when they arrive and when they leave. Since you will likely want to avoid a queue in the morning at the web punch clock, if employees tend to use too many features too often at the centralized check-in point, you can analyze this and make that functionality available to them only at their desks instead. Most organizations tend to keep job-costing and sick leave available at the central console at a minimum.

Distributed Check-In

You can also utilize the web-based interface using a smartphone or tablet. If you are not planning to use a web punch clock through a centrally located PC and your company issues mobile equipment, your employees can use it to login once they have entered the building. When using a smartphone or tablet as a web punch clock, you may want to have your IT people adjust the location access so that only people within proximity of the building can check in or out.

Administering A Centralized Web Punch Clock

With a console that is normally installed so that it can be accessed from anywhere to the Human Resources employees that need it, it is pretty straightforward to account for a centralized PC that workers use to clock in. As with all logins to the web-based application, it is possible to send individual employees updates and special information that pertains to them. It is also possible to pull instant headcounts in case of an emergency. To ease administration, you may consider scheduling reports that track statistics of that particular login station so that you can automatically receive them at the appropriate time.

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