Automate Your Workplace With a Biometric Solution

Introducing Lumidigm® M-Series Technology

Today, businesses have the ability to utilize powerful new Lumidigm® M-Series biometric technology to help automate the authentication process when employees access company online sites from remote locations. A portable USB fingerprint reader enhances security. It may eliminate many of the problems and expenses associated with conventional time clock systems.

Automating The Workplace

As the use of mobile technology spreads, more companies rely upon online resources. Just consider a few of the automation advantages your company obtains by using this dynamic Lumidigm® M-Series technology:

  • Allow employees to access information more securely from remote locations
  • Provide more flexible scheduling
  • Use a portable, easily-installed authentication system
  • Gain the ability to implement access-control features within your business sites and databases
  • Eliminate fraud, duplication and inefficient manual record keeping
  • Streamline employee login processes to permit supervisors to monitor work flows in real time

Special Features of This Product

The finger sensors using Lumidigm® M-Series biometric technology offers some important new features. Some key points include:

Reliable Biometric Authentication

The patented new USB fingerprint reader from Lumidigm® contains improved imaging technology that captures biometric data far more reliably than many earlier biometric devices. This product will help enhance the security of company data and will work compatibly with many popular access-control technologies to help better secure business data against thefts and fraud.


By automating the login authentication process using a Lumidigm® M-Series sensor, your company can streamline employee access to online resources. Allow the confirmation of an employee’s identity with the tap of a single finger! Eliminate costly alternative verification protocols.

Business Automation

The USB fingerprint reader offers another significant advantage, also. By using this easily-installed portable device, businesses enjoy seamless automation. They don’t need to maintain separate employee time records to document logins. Every time an employee logs into the system, the sensor will identify the individual, assisting employers in maintaining highly accurate work records.

What Can a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Do For You?

Today, biometric systems offer a valuable safeguard against identity theft. These tools can protect employers against the theft of valuable intellectual property and trade secrets, by helping to ensure that authenticated employees access employee accounts on employer sites and not strangers posing as employees.

Just consider a few of the advantages your enterprise obtains by using the Lumidigm® M-Series technology:

  • Gain the ability to authenticate an employee’s identity, even when that person works from a remote or mobile location;
  • Know precisely when an employee accesses information through a company computer;
  • Detect fraud and employee identity theft more rapidly;
  • Monitor access to company sites in real time;
  • Enhance the automation of employee tracking.

Your company work force will appreciate the portability and ease of installation of the sensors in the Lumidigm® M-Series. These lightweight devices travel with a mobile workforce to off-site locations easily.

Put This Technology to Work For Your Firm

This technology offers a number of benefits for businesses with employees. Just consider some of the most important advantages these new Lumidigm® M-Series USB fingerprint readers provide:

Improve Productivity

Increase the productivity of your work force by enabling employees to login to work easily at any hour of the day or night. Your company can furnish more flexible work schedules because you can track employee logins reliably.

Enable Authentication From Remote Work Locations

The Lumidigm® M-Series biometric fingerprint readers will attach to a USB port, enabling these biometric sensors to work well in mobile devices and laptops. Increase the ability of your labor force to keep pace with the demands of an increasingly mobile society, without worrying that you’ll compromise the security of company assets by permitting remote employee login.

Reduce Administrative Costs

The use of these portable fingerprint sensors may enable your enterprise to reduce administrative costs associated with maintaining conventional time clock systems. Used in conjunction with human resources software programs and data access control systems, this technology holds the promise to help automate many businesses.

USB Fingerprint Reader

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