Increasing Efficiency With An On-site Time Clock

Distributed systems are a major requirement for companies of all sizes in the time clock and related human resources software market. Clients are looking for the option to run software modules and a console from the internet or onsite, while the time clocks and security control systems need to be able to communicate and pass information seamlessly.

The answer

The Mitrefinch Proximity onsite time clock that can interface into an existing system that has been developed to take into account the changing needs of all clients.

When you work with an onsite employee check-in and security system, once it is setup, you do not want to have to worry about interrupted service or lost productivity.

The MitreFinch proximity time clock has built-in redundancies that allow you to weather situations where there is no internet connectivity. It can also function as an integral part of your security system. Perhaps best of all, the data that is entered flow to your centralized system at all times, allowing you to have seamless control over the environment in the buildings where you have offices.

Can Work Online, or Offline

Whether security needs or inclement conditions cause you to keep your centralized security and employee database offline, your proximity time clock will continue to perform. Employee’s can clock in and out without a problem until you get the time to make the changes that you need to correct things.

In addition to working online or offline, the proximity time clock is capable of saving employee information to almost every major payroll software package on the market. That means that whether you use Quicken or Oracle-based software, you should be able to start the information flow shortly after your time clocks are installed.

Remote configuration made easy

If you have a remote office or facility that you need to add to your centralized system, you will likely enjoy being able to take advantage of the Mitrefinch time clock’s ability to permit configuration from a web-based browser located anywhere in the world. The capability certainly makes it a more compelling choice for busy IT management because they can administer and upgrade the proximity time clock at any of their facilities worldwide using a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Easy to use

Most of the time, it isn’t that hard to help employees to understand how to clock in and out from the systems that you have in place. Yet trying to help them to remember to use the system every time is not always easy. With the Mitrefinch proximity time clock, they can not only check in and out, they are also able to look up the history of their previous attempts to come and go so that they can see how their week of work is progressing. Given that the system can be configured remotely, it is also possible to push notifications to employees- giving them individualized news each time that they clock in for work.

Overall, having a modular, flexible time and attendance system that is already integrated with most of the larger packages should make facility management and human resources work in your firm more efficient. With the Mitrefinch time clock, you can rely upon the redundancies that your system has built into and turn your focus to creating a platform that will communicate precisely what you want it to anywhere in your company.

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