Employee Time Clock

Employees register their arrival and departure times simply by placing their finger on the biometric scanners, attached to terminals installed at convenient locations throughout the worksite.

Increase security, eliminate buddy punching, decrease over payments and increase time and attendance accuracy with the Mitrefinch Employee Time Clock.

In the past, real-life conditions such as hot or cold environments could wreak havoc with biometric technology.




The Lumidigm multispectral sensors we use are the best in the business and can scan through layers of grease, dirt, grime, moisture and sweat. That means our cutting-edge technology works in real life, not just in the movies.

  • Fingerprints are stored as algorithms and actual fingerprints cannot be retrieved from the system.
  • The biometric employee time clock system can be used alone or in conjunction with swipe cards and key fobs.
  • Information received at the employee time clock is periodically downloaded to the system.


The quick and easy-to-operate Proximity Punch Clock is ideal for organizations of all sizes in all industries, with a variety of workforce patterns. Employees simply use the input method, which is encoded with employee information, to gain access to pre-approved areas.

The Mitrefinch Proximity Clocking System allows employees to record arrival and departure times using a variety of different input methods, including:

  • PIN entry/keypad
  • swipe cards
  • ID badges
  • key fobs