Employee Time and Attendance Software Solutions

Time and Attendance Software is an integrated employee attendance tracking system that enables to accurately record employees working hours anytime at any location.

Using a fully automated cloud-based or on premise time tracking system your employees can clock in and and clock out using multiple options.  This feature shows real-time reports and staff information in an instant.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance System provides complete attendance tracking solutions for your employees depending on the size of your company and the nature of your work environment.

Key Features

  • Accurately Capture Employee Time & Attendance
  • Achieve Payroll Accuracy
  • Eliminate inaccurate reporting

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All-in-One Time and Attendance System

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  • Time Clock Options

    Seamlessly capture time with our diverse range of clocking options

  • FMLA Tracking

    Ensure compliance with all regulations related to paid time off

  • Health & Safety

    Increase employee accountability with real-time visibility of your workforce

Gain Complete Control of Employee Time and Attendance

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Making Payroll & Compliance Easy

Using old fashioned methods, like clock-in cards, to monitor your company’s workforce is probably costing you money. The American Payroll Association estimate that the illegal practice of ‘buddy punching’ costs U.S. companies approximately $400 billion per year.

Surveys have also shown that most employees would prefer to use latest technology to record their time and attendance.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance software allows you to:

  • Receive real-time updates to employee data
  • Automate tasks to save time
  • Customize reports
  • Integrate with 3rd third party payroll software
  • Create rules based on regulations to ensure compliance

7 Clock In & Clock Out Ways to Record Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance software from Mitrefinch includes a full-featured module that allows employees to manage their own schedules. Available functions include an employee’s ability to view schedules, hours worked, vacation time and entitlements. Employees also have the ability to submit requests for time off or different shifts. Supervisors can then authorize or disallow the request without having to physically meet with the employee.

One of the biggest time wasters for payroll administrators is the collecting and processing of weekly time cards. Mitrefinch’s automated time and attendance systems substantially cut down on this burden by eliminating human error. Instead of manual input payroll, administrators simply send data from the time and attendance software to the payroll suite and the system performs all necessary calculations. This not only saves time, it also virtually eliminates over payments due to payroll miscalculations.

All types of businesses—especially large facilities where mobile workers must be accounted for—would improve efficiency and productivity by implementing time management software. These state-of-the-art suites offer on-the-spot decision making and real-time results. Calculate Savings or check out Software Features

7 Options to Capture Employee Time & Attendance Data:

1. Biometric Time Clock 

Mitrefinch uses Lumidigm multispectral sensors which are widely accepted to be the best in the industry. Some of their benefits include:

  • Fingerprints able to be stored as algorithms
  • Sensors that are stand-alone or that can be used in conjunction with swipe cards and key fobs
  • Automatic data downloads to the system on predetermined intervals.

2. Proximity Terminal (Swipe Cards)

Employees are able to record arrival and departure times through multiple input methods:

  • PIN entry/keypad
  • Swipe cards
  • ID badges
  • Key fobs


3. Web Based Time and Attendance 

The Mitrefinch employee self-service module is another Time and Attendance clocking option for employees. As a web-based application, the employee self-service module enables users to enter their credentials on the database and clock in, clock out, sign onto tasks or projects, and more through the website without the need for software on the client PC. A Mitrefinch Time management system is able to integrate with a Time Allocation System (TAS) to automatically keep pinpoint tracking of hours apportioned to a particular task or project for cost-accounting purposes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Employees are able to manage their time right from their own PC, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Employee time and attendance can be viewed in real time by supervisors and managers
  • Locked and secure system confirms employee’s identity and eliminates “buddy punching”
  • One PC terminal can manage the time of multiple employees
  • Requires no additional software installation on the PC


4. Desktop Fingerprint Readers

For companies looking for full functionality of a clocking terminal at a fraction of the cost, desktop readers are the answer. Companies often find themselves with insufficient personnel to support a full clocking terminal which makes desktop readers an ideal resource.

Through a Desktop Biometric Clock, employees are able to register at their own computer or via a shared PC workstation using a clocking device application.

Key Features and Benefits

  • A user-friendly system that is both intuitive and robust
  • Software driven controls monitors hours worked, overtime and approved and non-approved absences
  • User specified configurations automatically calculates hours and pay rates
  • The ability to view, edit and print employee data reports from a desktop computer
  • Seamless integration of payroll data with all leading payroll systems


5. Mobile Phone Clocking System

Designed especially with the mobile worker in mind, the Mitrefinch Mobile Phone Clocking System allows employees to record their time and attendance via an iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

Two modes of operation include:

Employee Mode — Provides employees with the ability to clock in or clock out, and log onto specific tasks or projects from wherever they may be. The Mobile Phone Clocking System also lets employees request time off for vacations, personal, or medical reasons.


Supervisor Mode — Managers and administrators are offered a variety of functions via their mobile devices. This includes the ability to clock in or clock out a single employee or a group of employees at the touch of a button, view a live onsite employee list, and track the location of employees when they clock in or out.

Note: Mobile Clocking Applications require an Mitrefinch Employee Self Service License.

6. Text Alert Clocking System

Another option for mobile phone clocking is through text messaging. Employees text their employee number to a virtual mobile phone number which is then transferred into the Mitrefinch time and attendance system.

These text alert clockings can be as simple as clocking in or out or expanded to provide more detailed information such as job identification, work areas, or specific projects that assigned to an employee.

Automatic Notifications

Texts and alerts can be automatically sent to employees and system administrators via the Web SMS system, providing information such as:

  • Notification of missed clockings
  • Notification of texts rejected by the system as being invalid or null and void
  • Lost Internet connection warning system to administrators
  • Number and details of daily clockings to administrators


7. Land-line Employee Clocking

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance with Land-line Clocking offers a quick, easy, and cost-effective option for tracking an employee’s time on the job. Best of all, there are no additional equipment or devices required.

Land-line Phone Clocking

Land-line Phone Clocking

Ideal for Mobile and Remote Workforces

A land-line employee clocking system lends itself to mobile employees whose duties require them to visit remote job sites. Land-line clocking systems are user friendly, simple to configure, require no extra equipment, and can be utilized by companies of any size and in any industry.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Employee time can be easily tracked with a land-line phone from any location
  • Budgeting and financial challenges of remote job sites and mobile employees—such as overpayment errors—are virtually eliminated
  • Employee time, location, and attendance can be tracked from a desktop by supervisors and managers
  • Cumbersome voicemails and log sheets are eliminated

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