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Time & Attendance for Customer Call Centers

Labor is one of the greatest expenses for call centers, and when mismanaged can result in poor quality service, high employee turnover and decreased profitability. Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Software enables you to efficiently manage your call center workforce by providing an enterprise-ready suite of highly configurable Time & Attendance tools. This enables our service customers to accurately track staff timekeeping, eliminate payroll errors and minimize compliance risk while providing the highest level of service.

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Why Mitrefinch for Call Centers?

  • Improve Staff Attendance

    Increase employee accountability with real-time visibility of your workforce

  • Simplify Staff Scheduling

    Accurately forecast workloads and roster staff accordingly

  • Comprehensive Skills Allocation

    Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that skilled staff are available

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  • Control Labor Costs

    Gain complete visibility of labor activities across multiple locations

  • Eliminate Compliance Issues

    Ensure adherence to complex wage and hour legislation

  • Achieve Payroll Accuracy

    Eliminate costly administrative errors and minimize the risk of overpayment

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