The Importance of Using Software to Track Project Time

Mitrefinch project time tracking software helps you keep accurate records of time tracking tasks related to business activities. This type of system makes a significant difference when you need to maintain the integrity of data for:

  • Compensation
  • Vacation time
  • Sick leave
  • Projects

Whether you run a small family business, mid-sized company or a large corporation, project time tracking is a faster and easier way to ensure accuracy of the hours each employee works. Managers can schedule multiple projects and assign resources accordingly.

Attain Global Demand with Improved Efficiency

This time tracking software helps your company achieve the global status you need in a dynamic business environment. Intelligence reporting for:

  • Employees’ time and attendance
  • Timesheet tracking
  • Time management
  • Project costing
  • Project tracking

Employees are given self-service access to record their time in the tracking program for each project they are assigned to work. Department manager or supervisor can either approve or deny the time. Mitrefinch’s project tracking software can integrate with the company’s accounting system to streamline payroll.

Equally important is the ability to graph time spent on different projects and tasks. This is vital to ensure an accurate accounting of all projects each employee has worked on for several months. You will quickly realize the benefits that come with this effective solution.

If you are looking for a reliable project time tracking software system, look no further than Mitrefinch. This innovative system functions at your speed while integrating with your current business management systems.

Whether you need to track the business expenses of executives, customer billing, task lists or time management, this tracking software is a one stop solution. There’s no need to look any further than software that delivers flexible, customizable reporting. Determine what is vital and what is unnecessary to complete a task or project on time and on budget.

Benefits of Tracking Project Time

Accurate project time tracking is essential to identifying concerns as they arise during a project. You can use this as an effective tool to recognize when projects extend beyond completion dates. The system also identifies which employees are not using their time efficiently.

The need for manually tracking timesheets reduces overall costs and bill times. At the same time, you increase productivity and profit levels.

Real-time visibility of every project

Benefits of implementing Mitrefinch project time tracking software include:

  • Easy Software Implementation – you get a software solution that works at the speed of business. Never wait for implementation to keep your business competitive.
  • Accurate Project Projections within Budget – stay on track and on budget with flexible planning features for proposal costs to determine if the project is viable for your business goals. Clarify priorities to avoid mishaps and constraints midway to completion.
  • Project Forecasting Tools Decrease Overruns – you can also curtail cost overrun by accurately forecasting resource allocation needs. Completing projects on time helps you move resources to the next project seamlessly.
  • Profitability Increases for Projects – it is a full-time to manage resources when you have hours, employees and sometimes equipment to track. Improving insights into available resources helps you plan better and smarter to see real profits. Managing projects is at your fingertips with this advanced system.
  • Forecast Cost Estimates Accurately – Mitrefinch’s project time tracking solution helps you do a better job of monitoring and evaluating projects based on cost, staffing needs, benefit and long-term impacts of beginning a project. Forecasting the results of taking on a project helps to increase efficiency, collaboration and profitability.
  • Better Resource Allocation – you can align the right employee with different tasks, while knowing who is working on what. Any projects on the horizon are effectively planned out. This also becomes a tool for better hiring decisions based on gaps in skill sets for upcoming projects.
  • Improved Employee Productivity – be prepared to accurately capture billable time, track expenses and integrate hours worked. You can identify which employees are available for additional duties and which ones are overloaded with tasks.
  • Overall Improvement to Efficiency – revolutionize the way you handle projects with the ability to improve across the board efficiency. Gain further insight into what works and what does not work so you can stay ahead of the competition.
Project Time Tracking Software

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