Text Alert Clocking

Web SMS Text Clocking

Using mobile phone clocking, employees can send a text message with their employee number to a virtual mobile phone number. These SMS messages are then automatically transferred into the system as clockings.

These clockings can be simple employee clock in’s / clock out’s or more detailed punching which also contain information regarding the area / job / project etc. that the employee is working on.

Details of Web SMS clocking:

  • No hardware required (e.g. mobile phone device linked to server)
  • Includes unlimited receipt of texts
  • No SIMM card required and no monthly SIMM rental
  • Only cost is monthly bill from telecom provider

Automatic Notifications on Web SMS:

Mitrefinch’s Web SMS system can also be set up to automatically send texts and alerts to employees and system administrators, with information such as:

  • Employee notification of missed clockings etc.
  • Employee roster information
  • Employee notifications of invalid clocking texts rejected by the system.
  • Administrator warnings if the system goes offline (loses internet connection)
  • Administrator messages including number of clockings polled today.

Other features of Web SMS:

  • If an employee sends an invalid text message containing an incorrect employee number and or incorrect TAS information the system automatically records the invalid information and can, if configured, send a report back to the employee who originally sent the text.
  • Using the Web SMS facility, these employee worked hours can be broken down by clocking location. The employee’s phone number will determine where the person is and automatically assign the hours correctly.
  • Should premium hours be associated with certain days of the week, such as weekends the system will categorise these in the clock-card for payroll processing.
    Please Note: WebSms / Text clocking requires an SMS gateway service.